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演员,电影制片人,跨界创意人,国际时装周和FASHION TV主持人,特邀专栏作家。曾被美国MTV影迷网选为最受欢迎女演员,美国国际华裔小姐和才艺小姐双料冠军,周末画报称她为具有高雅和前卫气质的“弛骋先锋”。社交圈“Insider”杂志评选她为“08年度中国前100位魅力名媛”。“新视线”设计杂志选为首都“崛起的新兴创

Ai Wan was born in Shanghai and raised in the United States. She is an actress, film producer, interior designer, culture columnist, host of China’s International Fashion Week and successful entrepreneur.ChinaDaily calls her as one of China’s most talented and dynamic young creative personalities. Member of the American Screen Actor’s Guild, and once selected most popular actress by the MTV film fan's network. Crowned Miss Chinese International, Miss Talent, and named most exotic beauty by Playboy magazine, Ai Wan was picked by Outlook design magazine as the most prominent member of China’s new creative class. In 2005, Ai Wan founded Epic Design and Epic Entertainment in Beijing. In late 2006 Ai Wan opened Beijing's most 'in' dance club, the China Doll Club.It has won the eight awards this year which it includes the "Best new club of the year" by "That's Beijing" magazine readers choice awards 2007. She wields social influence via her column 'Clubbing Culture' in the city edition of Modern Weekly, where she uses her unique perspective to observe the current creative state of the most passionate, most avant-garde and most active people in music. She published a hot-selling collection of cutting-edge essays titled Let's Do Lunch, and at present, she's the co-producer for Li Ying's documentary film ”Yasukuni ”, "BEST DOCUMENTARY"in HongKong International Film Festival 2008, an official selection of Sundance Film Festival 2008.She is the founder of Aiwan Entertainment,the company is focusing on films and live events.In 2013,she produced and co-starred in a Beijing comedy feature "This is Sanlitun", it's an official selection of 38th Toronto International Film Festival|Ai Wan是個典型的中國娃娃-性感,冷艳,聪慧,有上进心.在上海出生,於美國長大。她是演员和电影制片人,同时也曾是北京ChinaDoll Club的創立人,亦常常在她的周末画报專欄'Clubbing Culture' 中抒發她對音樂的獨特見解。

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Languages Spoken english, mandarin
Location Beijing, China
Gender female
English Name Ai Wan
Traditional Chinese Name 爱万
Member Since November 17, 2007
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演员,电影制片人,跨界创意人,国际时装周和FASHION TV主持人,特邀专栏作家。曾被美国MTV影迷网选为最受欢迎女演员,美国国际华裔小姐和才艺小姐双料冠军,周末画报称她为具有高雅和前卫气质的“弛骋先锋”。社交圈“Insider”杂志评选她为“08年度中国前100位魅力名媛”。“新视线”设计杂志选为首都“崛起的新兴创

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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin
Location (City, Country)
Beijing, China
Member Since
November 17, 2007