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April onwards ..

A long time since i last added a blog update.

its been a very hectic but fun past couple of weeks.

Firstly started off in Bangladesh for 6ixty8ight fashion show. We performed one show infront of 10,000 people and it was amazing!! we got to show off the clothes that the workers in Bangladesh had been making and had never seen on anyone before, for them it was a great suprise and we had an amazing time performing for them and the people in Bangladesh who are the most lovliest people i have ever met..and certainly know how to throw a celebration.Our second performance was a V.I.P show in the Raddison Hotel for Hop Lun which is the company behind 6ixt8ight fashion, its was a fantastic job,very enjoyable and certainly looking forward to working for the again in the near future.

Arrived back in Hong Kong and carried straight on with work. i was rehearsing to make my demo..which i recorded last week and i'm so happy with it :) and rehearsing for a job for Audi in Shanghai which is where i'm at right now :) 9 days of shows.


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So, turns out we cant go before the 4th May, cause there arent flights, or they are way too expensive because of Easter holidays :'( and i have to be back not for the 7th but still for the 8th...and we have this job on the 11th..what do we do???
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