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Fuzhou University TMBA 福州大学工商管理硕士 Course Outline


Fuzhou University School of Management Tea Industry Masters of Business Administration Advanced Research Class Course Description



课程一:茶业战略管理Course 1: Tea Enterprise Strategic Management

茶产业战略管理理念及市场分析法Tea industry strategic management concepts and market analysis methods

企业战略制定实施诊断Enterprise strategy formulation, implementation, and diagnoses

企业创新与资源整合Enterprise innovation and resources integration



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Jie Jie Qing Promo Video 节节清宣传片

The Jie Jie Qing promo video, with a couple shots of me in it. I know many of the people in the video as well as the lyricist. That was a fun production.More about Jie Jie Qing later.Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/wR0DMVYOamk/

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Tea Destinations: Wuyi Mountain 武夷山 Part 2

Processing Yancha

Lounging in a swank teahouse, perching on wooden log in our favorite tea shop, or even nesting on our living room sofa, might we sample and compare, gaiwan after gaiwan, teapot after teapot, varied styles of Wuyi Yancha. However, in this comfortable, leisurely process, little are we aware or appreciative of the total, collective effort put into each single tea leaf.

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Tea Destinations: Wuyi Mountain 武夷山

Recently, I took a trip toWuyiMountain; not to view scenery, but to experience Wuyi oolong tea picking and processing methods.


Picking Zheng Yan Rou Gui Tea採正岩肉桂茶

To pick tea, one needs to actually get to the location of the tea bushes first. In some places, where there are roads, it’s a simple, convenient task. But to pick Zhengyan tea, I had to be led in th...Read more

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Midnight in Fuzhou

Ok, I'm an author now, and there's tons of stuff I have to do now - author stuff. Where do I start? A little music helps. It keeps me energized. I'm listing to Chae Yan right now. Book marketing stuff is keeping me busy - lots of questions I have to write and answer. I want to go out and have some fun once in awhile - but no time - at least not in Fuzhou. When can I go back to Wuyi mountain again? I miss the spicy 

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Author of The Ancient Art of Tea 《中国古代茶技艺》. 新浪微博: http://weibo.com/warrenpeltier 腾讯微博:http://t.qq.com/tea_author

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