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Kevin Chan
饶舌歌手, 作曲家, 音乐监製
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About Kevin Chan

I may not be the BEST multivocalist.. BUT, I am the only INK.

INK started beatboxing in 2005 with his crew Dropin’(renamed B-lang in 2006). He was discovered by MC Gold Mountain when he joined Hong Kong cypher at Victoria Park held by Gold Mountain. He then joined Hierophat performance crew and performed in different events and club parties. In 2007, he performed in “The Magic Moments Leo Ku Concert 2007” and also the concert tour in Malaysia and Canada Then later in 2008, he featured in Leo Ku’s song (年年有今日) and become a human beatbox instructor in Baron School of Music. Though 2008-2009, he performed in differents concerts in Hong Kong, Macau and China. In 2009, he started his own music production laboratory for producing hip hop and electronic remix. His works included the opening remix for the radio 903 live and the theme song of the Hong Kong Design Gallery Opening Showcase. His demo work will be performed in HMV online podcasting later in 2010. Currently, he is working on a remixing project with some local Hip Hop artists and also his debute EP.

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese
Location Hong Kong
Gender male
English Name INK
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I may not be the BEST multivocalist.. BUT, I am the only INK.


english, cantonese
Hong Kong
December 1, 2007