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【#CineFan】《喋血雙雄》、《鐵血神探》 🔫THE KILLER and DIRTY MONEY💵

吳宇森自言深受梅維爾影響,靈感來自《獨行殺手》的《喋血雙雄》,與《鐵血神探》有何相似之處? 1️⃣是友是敵:#李修賢 與 #周潤發,#阿倫狄龍 與 #李察堅拿,一兵一賊成了莫逆之交,同樣陷於情義兩難 2️⃣情陷紅顏:勇探情繫的女歌手 #葉蒨文 與酒吧老闆娘 #嘉芙蓮丹露 夾於正邪之間,同樣身不由己 3️⃣強烈風格:#吳宇森 的白鴿共彈雨齊飛,與 #梅維爾 的落泊英雄聽天命,暴烈vs冷洌,獨特美學各擅勝場

Strongly influenced by LE SAMOURAI, John Woo referred to THE KILLER as a tribute to Jean-Pierre Melville. Putting THE KILLER and DIRTY MONEY side by side, you’ll find interesting similarities – bond and rivalry between a good cop and a bad guy; honor and friendship; law and outlaw; bromance and romance. While Woo’s poetic violence and Melville’s cold disillusion look different, both directors are acclaimed in their own distinctive visual style.

🔫《喋血雙雄》#TheKiller: bit.ly/2JV9NaD 💵《鐵血神探》#DirtyMoney: bit.ly/2K3fSgR

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