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FILMART 2014: Random Photos

I was in Hong Kong last March for 9 days to cover some parts of the 10th  Entertainment Expo Hong Kong for the French website  http://www.cinemateaser.com/. Here are some photos that I shot randomly at the  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during the 18th   Hong Kong International Film &a...Read more

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Korean boy band Beat Win 비트윈 in Hong Kong (FILMART 2014)

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Happy Chinese New Year Of The Horse!

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R.I.P. Sir Run Run Shaw 邵逸夫 (1907 - 2013)

Hi movies changed my life (as a cinema-lover and professionally as well). R.I.P. Sir Run Run Shaw 邵逸夫 ... Media mogul Run R...Read more

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Photo: Eddie Peng at FILMART 2013 for MMA (Unbeatable)

Eddie Peng Yu-Yan 彭于晏 posing at the end of the first press conference of MMA a.k.a. 激戰MMA a.k.a. 激戰 Unbeatable (2013) during FILMART on March 20th, 2013 (three months before its Hong Kong release date). (c) Fred Ambroisine. 

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Simon Yam becomes a film director for "Tales from the Dark"

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Hello Hong Kong!

Two weeks ago, I was not supposed to come to Hong Kong this year, but here I am again. Will cover for the French website Ecran Large ( www.ecranlarge.com) one part of the Entertainment Expo Hong Kong during a week or so, including the FILMART, the Asian Film Awards and the beginning of the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

There will be two major events tonight: the opening of the HKIFF + the world premiere of " Ip Man - The Final Fight" and a AFA cocktail f...Read more

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Video: Hong Kong Stars (part 1)

Slide show of photos shot between March & April 2006 in Hong Kong including the following people: 

Sandra Ng吳君如, Tony Leung Ka-fai梁家輝, Michelle Reis李嘉欣, Tsui Hark徐克, Cecilia Yip葉童, Ivy Ling Po凌波, Johnnie To杜琪峰, Nick Cheung張家輝, Louis Koo古天樂, Andy Lau劉德華, Lam Suet林雪, Cheng Pei-pei鄭佩佩, Marsha Yuan原子鏸, Gordon Liu劉家輝, Ti Lung狄龍, Kong Do江島, Ku Feng谷峰, Lee Hoi-sang李海生, Lily Li李麗麗, Patty Keung, Susan Shaw邵音音, Tiffany lee李蘢怡, Wong Chung-Ching黃頌菁, Gill Wong 黃知敏,Kara Hui惠英紅, Robert Mak麥德羅, Carrie Ng吳家麗, Helena Law羅蘭, Vincen...Read more

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Video: Shawn Yue & Soi Cheang (HK Sitges Cocktail 2012)

Last year, I was invited as jury member - for the Asian movies section - at the 45th Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Spain),  from October 4 to October 14. I was just suppose to watch movies, but of course I coudn't resist to bring my camera and shoot some photos and videos during some events when I had the chance.   Sitges Film...Read more

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1st look: A Music Performance by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Ensemble

A Music Performance by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Ensemble. Shot in Paris (Pavillon Vendôme) on February 7th, 2013 during the Chinese New Year Cocktail organized by the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office and the HKTDC. More stuff (photos & videos) coming soon.

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