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HKIFF 2012: an interview with Peter Chan Ho-sun (Filmmaker in Focus)

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Bangkok, Peter Chan Ho-sun studied cinema in the United States at the UCLA film school before coming back to his native country in the early 80's.  He started work in the film industry as an assistant to John Woo (" Heroes Shed No Tears") and Jackie Chan (" Project A II", " Armour ...Read more

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HKIFF 2012: an interview with Bede Cheng (program manager)

The 8th edition of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong ( March 19 -April 15, 2012) features nine spectacular events covering a global mix of film, TV, music and digital entertainment. It includes FILMART(Hong Kong International Film & TV Market), the AFA (Asian Film Awards), and HAF (Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum). The longest event, the HKIFF (Hong Kong International Film Festival, (March 21- April 5), is also the oldest, since this year is the 36th edition. HKIFF program manager Bede Ch...Read more

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Pictures dept. talks Yu Irie's ROADSIDE FUGITIVE and Sion Sono's LAND OF HOPE (FILMART 2012)

From March 19th to March 22nd, 2012, more than 20 Japanese film companies attended the 16th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market ( FILMART) organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council ( HKTDC). One of the film companies, Pictures dept. (a sales, acquisition, co-production and world-wide distribution company), presented possibly the most exciting and anticipated Japanese project at the Market this year: " Land of Hope", the new...Read more

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"LOVE IN THE BUFF" (after screening feat. Pang Ho-cheung, Shawn Yue, Wong Jing, Aaron Kwok...)

I basically shot that right after the end of the screening of Pang Ho-cheung's "Love in the Buff"which opened the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF)on March 21st, 2012 (almost 9 minutes feat. Shawn Yue, Peter Kam, Pang Ho-cheung, Subi Liang, Sabrina Baracetti, Wong Jing, Aaron Kwok, Grace Huang, Desmond So...). Enjoy. Music by my friend Michael Lopinto.

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Producer Stephen Shiu Jr. Talks Donnie Yen's ICEMAN COMETH and 4D SEX & ZEN (FILMART 2012)

Exactly one year ago at the Hong Kong International Film & Television Market (FILMART), Hong Kong producer Stephen Shiu Jr. was starting to sell the erotic movie " 3D Sex & Zen" which at that time had not been released in local theaters. The movie beat " Avatar" at the Hong Kong box-office on its opening day, ...Read more

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The meaning of “ FILMART” is “ Hong Kong International Film & TV Market”. It is supposed to be an international event, not a local one. Yet many of the interesting events announced in the overseas press media program are useless for a journalist who does not speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

Two days ago (on March 20th, 2012)...Read more

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6th Asian Film Awards Let the Bullets Fly takes 2011’s Top Grossing Asian Film

(Press release) Hong Kong, 8 March 2012 – The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) today (8 March 2012) announced that Mainland director JIANG Wen’s critically acclaimed, larger than life action comedy " Let the Bullets Fly" will receive the special award as 2011’s Top Grossing Asian Film at the 6th Asian Film Awards (AFA)ceremony on 19 March 2012 i...Read more

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Video: MAGIC SHOW by Hong Kong Magician Mr Louis Yan

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Full interview coming soon on Twitch...

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From Shaw Brothers to Golden Harvest to Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan. Interview with the legendary producer Raymond Chow who received a Lifetime Achievement award at the 5th Asian Film Awards ceremony on March 21st, 2011. Full interview on Twitch coming soon.

http://www.twitchfilm.net/ Read more

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