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Himeji-Okayama 3: Crow Castle

Our next stop was the small city of Okayama. Until now all I knew about this city was the fact that it was where the train to Shikoku (the /other/ of the main 4 islands of Japan) connected with the Shinkansen. But while researching the trip to Himeji's , I found that Okayama had the antipode: .

It took a few minutes on the street car and then a brief walk along the Asahi River:

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Himeji-Okayama 2: Taiko!

A brief follow-up to yesterday's entry with pictures of Himeji Castle.

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weeke...Read more

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Himeiji-Okayama 1: Castle Otaku paradise...

Since I had only 3 weekends left in Japan, I decided to splurge a bit last sunday. Y0-chan had agreed to go on another day trip with me (after our trip to Miyajima/ Hiroshimathe weekend before), so I pulled out all the stops and decided to hit two hotspots in the s...Read more

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Mega April Fools Trance!

After Saturday's concert, I went home and took a nap... and around 2 I headed down to the latest installment of 'MegaTrance'! It was quite crowded and boisterous, as usual:

Lots of strange and amazing fashions as far as the...Read more

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Etchy meets the All-female Scooter Gang!

I just got back home, its been a long day... I was at the Regal Beagle until about 3:30. I was riding my bicycle down the street, as usual there are a lot of people walking and driving around at these hours, including lots of customized cars and bikes, etc. Nothing suprising...

But I did a double take when I saw three fancy pants customized scooters... bit of a different flavor from normal:

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I am the Train Boy!


FRESH: 7/10  7/10


Train Man (2005)


Note: I've liberally linked to Wikipedia for an explanation of a lot of the Japan-specific terminalogy in this entry...

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Harajuku Pics #2

The 2nd part of the pictures from Harajuku and the adjacent Meiji Shrine.

( click here for Harajuku pt 1)

Just down the street is the KDDI de...Read more

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Harajuku Pics #1

On Sunday I went with KXD down to Harajuku, the world famous section of Tokyo where the Japanese youth gather to present their unique fashion. Here are the first half of my pictures from the trip.

We walked around and took some photos with the different groups:

In addition to the 'average' visual kei types in the black or pink lacy outfits, you get some interesting types l...Read more

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Nagoya Castle

After the tour ended yesterday, I took the subway over to the Nagoya Castle, which is one of the few sights worth visiting in this town, from what I've been told. They close early on fall/winter days, so I had to hurry through.

Like Kumamoto castle, that I visited 1.5 weeks ago with my parents, this one was built in the early 1600s as a way for the feudal lord to assert his power over the local area.

The main castle buildings ...Read more

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The parents day 5: Japanese weddings...

On Saturday I took my parents to the Fuku0ka T0wer. It was a bit overcast, but much clearer than it had been the previous few days. A cold front moved in and things have become 'autumny' very quickly.

From the observation deck of the tower at 123m ...Read more

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