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Asian Film Review: Pistol Opera (2002)

" Pistol Opera" - Uh... art house? Avant-gard? Experimental live theater captured on film? or perhaps just crap? I dunno.... but I'm leaning towards crap. Perhaps I need to experience Seijun Suzuki's other work first, but this movie started off weird and just got weirder from there. (and cheap and lame too).

Hypothetically its about assassins in Japan killing each other to achieve the rank of #1 killer...

Campos' review from Film Threat really matches my assessment of the movie. I looked up some of the positive ones (this movie got a 72% on the tomato meter?!?!). I can't say I entirely disagree with them, but unless you like weird movies that you can't tell what the hell is going on. I'd stay away from this one.

But . (OK, that didn't come out as well as my similar comment about "Sex is Zero"...)

Seems like Kill Bill and some of Tarantino's other work has some of the same style elements...

rating: 2/10

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