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Episode 9: It's ALL About LOVE. An Interview with the Masters of "ABCs of Attraction"

Hey Threesome Listeners! We had an amazing show tonight featuring J.T. Tran "The Asian Playboy" and his wing man Gareth Jones ABC's of Attraction Certified Instructor. We dove head first into the world of the Pick Up Artist and Interviewed the Founder of the #1 Dating Program among Asians and Non-Asians alike.Find out what it's like to learn from a Pick Up Artist and why it's essential tools for today's men to learn. And last but not least we tasted the need a new program directed a teaching men how to pick up women using their phone, texting, and social networks.  Check out Episode 9 of THREESOME NIGHTLY | Talk Radio Show Video Highlights.DON'T FORGET TO... "LIKE" FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE! We LOVE YOU!!!Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Threesome-Nightly-Talk-Radio-Show/187188184687574Twitter: www.Twitter.com/3somenightly.comYouTube: www.youtube.com/threesomenightly===================================================EPISODE 9 | THREESOME NIGHTLYAir Date: ***November 1st, 2011SPECIAL GUEST LIST:1. *JT Tran | The Asian PlayboyCEO of ABC's of Attraction 2. Gareth Jones ABCs of Attraction Certified InstructorPROMOTIONS: Trivia Games w/ Prizes Including: FREE Kollaboration 11 Concert Tickets, Oak & Gorski Autographed CDs, Akufuncture T-Shirts & Hat, and Inoochi Jewelry and T-Shirt.HOST: Brenda Wong, Skylar Song & Adrian ZawCREW: Edgar E. Santos, Wynston Fernando, Alyssa Tso, Danny KwanVideo Highlights:1. Why It's Hard for Asian American Men to DateWe asked the CEO of "ABCs of Attraction" why is it hard for Asian American Men to Date and Pick Up Women compared to their far East Counterparts who have the biggest population in the world.2. Pick Up Artist J.T. Tran "The Asian Playboy" Biggest InfluencesWe explored JT Tran "The Asian Playboy" and his biggest influences to become the man he is today running the most successful Dating Program.3. JT Tran "The Asian Playboy" InterviewKnown as "The Asian Playboy" JT Tran has created the #1 Dating Program among Asians and Non-Asian Men alike since the Launch in 2005 ABCs of Attraction has changed lives of countless men around the world.4. Using Pick Up Artist Methods for EVILCan you be an EVIL "Pick Up Artist" or at least use the valuable teachings and turn to the Dark Side. Here we look at what sets ABCs of Attraction apart from other programs.5. Trivia Question #2 "Not Uranus"Another wonderful Listener tries to win tickets to Kollaboration 11 by answering this question. "What is the closest planet to the sun?" The answer is no where near Uranus but you might as well try to pull one out.6. Text to Sex Picking Up Girls in Today's Social FrontThe Pick Up Artist have ventured into a New Frontier of Social Networking and Texting. How to close the deal and Pick Up girls using the phone. Check out what they have to say.7. FREE Kollaboration 11 Tickets Triva QuestionIt was so hard to give FREE Tickets away because our Listeners weren't the brightest crayon in the tool box. The Question Was... Which American President is on the Dime?PSJust Kidding, We Still LOVE our Fans!!8. Does Money Matter for Pick Up ArtistWe asked J.T. Tran "The Asian Playboy" and CEO of ABCs of Attraction whether Money and Wealth plays a key role in Dating and Being a Master Pick Up Artist.9. What is ABCs of Attraction All About?ABCs of Attraction what is the #1 Dating Program among Asians and Others all about.10. Pick Up Artist "Gareth Jones" | THREESOME NIGHTLYIn this Interview we meet Pick Up Artist Gareth Jones who is an ABCs of Attraction Certified Instructor. He brings on a unique and different perspective of the PUA life.11. Trivas, Telephones, and Technical Issues | THREESOME NIGHTLYThis was a mess, we tried opening up our phone lines and it blasted through our headphones, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nick Acosta who won the Akufuncture Hat. I guess the question wasn't that hard. Adrian Zaw is from Burma/Myanmar.12. Pick Up Artist for Women | THREESOME NIGHTLYThe question began with whether there was a community or a need for women to be pick up artist.13. Picking up Women in Europe is EASIERThe question began with whether there was a community or a need for women to be pick up artist.

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