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Eat, Drink... 24Herbs !! | 吃、喝…24 Herbs!!

We had a dinner at Conroy's over the weekend. DorYuk did most of the cooking and Conroy made us a special pizza around midnight. Terence and Bacon Bob also came and ate and hung out. Picture are not very good but we had a great night.


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Diesel "Respect" Party | Diesel "Respect"派对

We have been floating in a bed of love and support the whole day through all the dope feedback we got from last night. Thanks to all the AND boys, Fed and the Diesel crew, Wing and Shyalala crew, Dan and T for organizing the event. So great to see all the homies and familiar faces in the crowd shouting and having a good time. We even heard DJ GC Goo Bi and Fei Ma on the different radio stations giving us props. Fei Ma really stole the show last night, totally brought the house down with her amaz...Read more

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07.10.11 "Respect" Party | 07.10.11"Respect"派對

That's right. Ya Sei Mei will be having a showcase performance at alivenotdead "respect" party. Featuring 24Herbs and Dan The Automator with AG (DITC). All presented by Diesel. Before the show will be WingShya Photo Exhibition. So, lots of stuff to experience! This is part 1 of 3, a concept from Diesel. The theme is "ALIVE". It's gonna be a great time rockin' for homies, fans, friends who haven't seen our performance yet. For those who have, we're gon...Read more

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JUICE!!! | JUICE雜誌!!!

Hi Everyone, Juice magazine September issue have 24herbs interview and a show review. If u haven't see it yet, go pick one now! We have just finish mixing our album... FINALLY !!! Its being courier to LA for mastering as we type. The mastering house we are using the the same as Snoop Dogg so we are hoping it will come back sounding fatter and louder  then it already is. We're getting very closed to release date...

|各位好,Juice杂志9月号发表了24 Herbs专访,还有一场演出评论。如果还没看过,现在...Read more

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Respect Tou PK Shoot | 拍攝Respect Tou PK MV

Wow, what a night ! We're done shooting but we really want to thank everyone for showing up and supporting and hanging out till we finished !! You guys are dope !!

A.N.D crew, RESPECT TOU POK GUY !!! Great having everyone there. Alex Smith, you rocked !! Dan F and Pat, and whole of Yumla crew, thanks you very much for all the help. Big up to Jimmy, lang chai tou pok guy! Andrew also lang chai tou pok guy! Candice and Ryan, cheers !!! Ryan's 21st birthday !! Support tou pok guy !! We're feeling...Read more

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24 Herbs Music Video | 24 Herbs拍攝MV

Just want to let you guys know, we are shooting our MV tonight at Yumla from 6:30pm onwards. All welcome to come support. Please wear only black if you plan to come.

Free beers till 9pm. CHEERS !! Our director is none other than Alex Smith, who is also on AND as an artist. He has shot videos for Cold Play, some 6 videos for The Darkness, Juliette Lewis, Manic Street Preachers, amongst others. He is also a commercial director and works for RSA Films, Ridley Scott's film company. Check out his work below. He r...Read more

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24 Herbs Fxxking Straight Up @ Ci Xi | 24 Herbs在Ci Xi的演出

Wow, just want to thank everyone for turning up at our gig on saturday. We had a great time. Hope that everyone did also ! We started setting up around 5pm after about 2 hours in the studio before sorting out our set and getting our gear. Great turn out, the AND crew were all there, and all the homies,  Andrew Lin, Eason, Hillery, Yumiko, Josie, Audiotraffic, Ryan, thanks all again for turning up. Also thank you to the guys below for posting up some of our gig footage. Cheers !!

| 哇,要感謝周六到場支持我...Read more

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Heavy Weights Winners !!!! | 猜體重比賽獲勝者!!!!


Our combined weight is 1074 lbs or 487.16 kg The winners are:

audiotraffic -1075lbs (Off only by 1 lbs !! Incredible !!!!)

schimke -1069.213

chiotoopid - 1069

Your names will be on the guest list at the door tomorrow night. Doors open at 11pm. PEACE !!!




Audiotraffic – 1075 磅(只相差1 磅!!不可思議!!!!)

 schimke -1069.213

 chiotoopid - 1069

 明晚你們幾位的大名將出現在大門口的賓客名...Read more

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24 Herbs Heavy Weights Contest !!!!! | 比賽猜24 Herbs的體重總和!!!!!

The first 3 people to guess the combined weight of the 6 guys in 24 Herbs will win 2 tickets each for this saturday's show at Ci Xi. You need to sign our guest book to make the guess. The closest 3 will win, deadline is Friday night 10pm. The winners will be on the guest list for Saturday. And NO we will NOT be revealing our individual weight. 

Cheers !!! 

|頭三名猜中24 Herbs的6名成員體重總和的會員將各獲得本周六24 Herbs在CiXi演唱會的兩張門票。把你的答案留下來,最接近的三個人將贏得獎品。截止時間為周五晚十點整,獲勝者將是我們周六演出的座上賓。不,我們不會透露幾個成員各自的體重...Read more

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Aug 2007 | 2007年8月

Wassup, we have been in rehearsal for our gig at Ci Xi coming up next weekend. Its been exciting for us as we have totally rearranged most of our songs for our album so its a little more fresh. We had another rehearsal last night. As it was Sir JBS' birthday, we all went out afterwards for some food and a few drinks. As Sir JBS doesn't drink, we drank on his behalf. Some of the guys were out pass 4am. Our album is coming along. We have recorded pretty much all our songs now but we are in arrangement and mixing stage. Won't be...Read more

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Hong Kong
April 10, 2007