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Wild Day Out Rehearsal | Wild Day Out彩排

We did our rehearsal last night around 830pm. It was good, we tested our video show also and it was dope. Seeing our logo on a giant screen almost brought tears to our eyes. Our show time is 5pm. We will play only around 20mins as they all they can allow due to so many acts. We are looking forward to it. Hope to see you all there ! Pls come before 5pm !!

| 昨晚8:30我們去彩排了,非常順利,試播了我們的MV,可真棒。看到我們的巨大LOGO出現在超大屏幕上,真是刺激眼球。我們的演出5點開始,僅表演20分鐘,因為有太多歌手和節目。期待明天的演出,希望能見到你們!請在下午5點前到場!!

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Free Download "To The Max" | 免費下載"To The Max"

Ok, here it is, sorry for the delay.Just click on the link below and the file will download.Hope you guys like the song. Peace !!

| OK,這就是了,對不起晚了點。 點擊鏈接就能下載。 希望你們喜歡這首歌。和平!!

http://www.drummusic.net/24Herbs/To The Max.mp3.zip

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Rocking 2008 To The Max !!!!

Happy new year ! We recently did a did a song called "To The Max". It will not be on our album. This is a new song that we will give away on http://www.alivenotdead.com as a few download.  it is a gift from us to everyone on Alive Not Dead to say Happy 2008 and to thank you for your support. Check out our brand new MV which has been sponsored by Pepsi.

All the best for 2008. We will be playing at The San Miguel's Wild Day Out and then launching our ...Read more

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Conroy's B'day | 子聰生日

Happy Birthday Drunk !!  Our man Conroy had has B'day last week. After some fish and chips we took off down to Mary Jane (Conroy's cafe) to do some cake cutting and drinking. A lot of people turned up, and we hung out time like 5am. Check out some of the pics.

| 生日快樂!!我們的子聰上周過生日,吃完魚和薯片後我們到Mary Jane(子聰的咖啡廳)切蛋糕、喝酒。很多朋友都來了,我們玩到淩晨5點。看照片吧。

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MERRY X'MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 聖誕快樂!!!

Merry X'mas everybody!


Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=nP2gXQ17kyU

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Jin | 歐陽靖

We went to check out Jin (Mr ABC) as he was in HK for 2 gigs. It was fun hanging out and seeing him and MC Young Mac perform again. They rocked ! Tight as ever. JIn will be featured on a song on our album which will be released SOON !! It was quite an amazing night for Jin as his grandfather, who he had not seen for over 15 years showed up and they rekindled their relations right infront our our eyes ! Check out all the pics below. JBS also did a shoot with him while he was in town.

| 我們去看了歐陽靖(Mr. ABC)在香港的兩場演出。跟他一起很開心,他跟MC Young Mac再次合作,表演...Read more

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Beats Mag | Beats雜誌

A BIG thanks to Beats mag for our spread in their new issue. It was a fun shoot.

| 特別感謝最新一期Beats雜誌刊登我們的專訪,拍照很愉快。

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Linkin Park loves HMFK | 林肯公園愛HKFK

A BIG UP for JBS. As you guys might know, JBS, our loudest rapper in the group owns and runs 8Five2 shop in HK specializing in street and skate wear. Check out this blog from Linkin Park.

| JBS的大廣告。可能有人知道,JBS,我們組合最高亢的rapper在香港開了間專賣街頭及滑板服的店 - 8Five2。看林肯公園的這篇博客。


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Terry Richardson

Boy we are lucky. We got shot by Wing Sha a few weeks ago and Wing put those shots of us in his exhibition a few weeks ago. Last week, we were lucky enough to get shoot by Terry Richardson. We were a little worried about Terry's shoot as we really had no idea what he might do. Frankly we were a little worried that we had to show our model like bodies..... The shoot turned out to be really fun, lets just say we had a few swords, a hangman's noose, a handgun and a mask. Of course we have no idea whether the shot will be good or not cau...Read more

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MTV Party

Better late then never. We had a dope night at MTV party. Other then power cut half way through a song, the show went down really well. It was a very mixed crowd and a little hard to get moving but by the end of our set, they were jumping. DJ Yodie spun for us as DorYuk was away on holiday so he miss the fun. Thanks to Etchy again for uploading video !

| 晚總比沒有好。MTV party超級棒。除了一首歌中間突然斷電外,演出非常順利。擠滿了人,要移動有點困難,但到了演出最後,觀眾都是跳著的。DJ Yodie為我們打碟,DorYuk休假了,他錯過了好時光。再次感謝Etchy上傳視頻!

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