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Here's a piece I've created for Visual Response in Australianinfront.

The brief was asking to interpret the meaning of 2010. I've used our present living style as the concept of this illustration. Portrayed how we're simply sharing information and knowledge with the globe, communicate with other individuals via techn...Read more

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VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread - iPad Demo

When apple announced the new ipad, there were folk just love it, and of cause there were people complain it was just a bigger version of iphone, lack of web camera, usb, flash etc, as a consumer for a laptop or something, I think ipad won’t do your job, really…  but in designer perspective I think it has provided a new medium for designer, not only the apps developer. See how VIV mag created the first interactive magazine involved motion graphic, and film production. /* Font Definitions / @font-face ...Read more

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I have no doubt any of us or especially for those who had experience lost their friends and loves, would ever forget the imagery with planes crash to WTC years ago. It is obvious most of television programs avoid to re-strike us with those dreadful footages, but lately WWF had made an advertisement which has simulate planes crash to Manhattan and judge against with number of death between 9/11 and tsunami disaster. W...Read more

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AnD Tee design

This is my Tee design for AnD 2nd anniversary. alivenotdead" is a strong statement, it sounds like a war between artists and reality, full of declaration.  And behind each individual may need to  insist their faith  to win the  war... ?

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It is a month away before the earth once again re-rotates to the same spot from the sun and I felt I am lack of some kind of natural senses, like an old grandpa. My vision was haziness, things around me were just getting faster and sooner than I realized, they were coloured but not crystal clear, felt like a mist surrounding it. Even so, I think it is time for me to gather some new stuff and re-create a new show reel beforethe year ends. It wasn't straightforward, a bit of struggle, because I constantly believe there is something missing...Read more

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Westpac's Penguins

Got myself in hectic…. it is because a lot of clients are rushing to promo themselves before the year ends, and which lead me to drink more coffees, smoke more and get my arm sore. Although, I have this great opportunity working with client “Westpac” and I am very excited, because it is my 3rd directing adv on tv this year. However a project likes this, it also comes along with group of corporate and inflexible people over Westpac, so there is formula which can nicely explain our process.

(Meeting + Drafting + Changing) x Infin...Read more

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Recently PREFIX = O /there is a construction site quite close to where I work and its existence has caused me to seek parking further down the street than normal. Every two hour’s I have the hassle of moving my car but while I’m finding a new parking spot, I get to glimpse into the window of a derelict shop with a few, almost naked, mannequins standing thereunused. It reminds me of the scenes from my childhood.

When I was young, there was an old shopping mall near where I livedinPREFIX = ST1 /Hong Kong. I used to walk through its arcades t...Read more

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Viva La Vida


在一個很暗的沙灘晿着“look up the stars… look how they shine for you…..” 然而有點稚氣的他,很簡單很直接地唱着這首“Yellow”我覺得他成個感覺很特



期待那昔日 的聲音和感覺…但後來發現他們的歌,要慢慢去聴和明白他們的背後涵義…才發覺他們有的是創新和教人"forward thinking"的影響力.
Coldplay的新碟Viva La Vida又再一次在音樂上作 改變,涵義...Read more

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In between of Reality

“Are you ready?” a noteworthy voice tone questioned me.I wasn’t convinced of myself, I wasn’t ready yet, and that was my respond.“You have to be brave and stride up those stairs in order

to go pass the world behind the door, you ought to let yourself out there."“You need to treasure every minute over there, becauseonly th...Read more

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