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An evening in Mong Kok


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Snaps of Charlyn


As promised……

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Aww yeah!

Photos from my one night in Singapore has been uploaded here.

Will follow up with report soon…

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DC Shoes - Smith 2.0

Its always good to receive a package; especially from DC!

Just in time for my skate session on Saturday afternoon, perfect to ‘test drive’ these Ryan Smith 2.0’s which I have been eager to try out for a while!  The grey and red colorway look sick, & I was psyched to get these Grey ones.

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Okay! I’ve arrived here in Pusan, Korea.  Not even 12 hours back home & I had to rush back to the airport to catch the flight; it was a mad rush to check in & get coffee, so I could not update much - I’m still going through all the pics I took in Singapore 2 nights ago; I promiseI’ll post them real soon………….

Anyway, a bit of a surprise today at Hong Kong Airport, we bumped into our friend Danny, a.k.a. “Siu Lung”

If you’ve watched “Shaolin Soccer” before he...Read more

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I got this email today from a Scooter mom. I took my time to answer her questions, nicely, to try to make her understand why Scooters were not allowed in Mei Foo Skate park.

She got all pissed off & sent me a Read more

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Austen vs. Tyler

Watch & download the ipod/iphone version here

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Close to 100k @ AnD

Just a note to thank everyone at AliveNotDead.com for their support! Within 12 hours my page clocked over 4000 hits; at this rate i’ll be at 100k in no time!

How should I celebrate? Any suggestions?

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One night in Singapore!

Wow! Time passes super quick when you are having a good time! I’m now at the airport waiting to get on my flight back to HKG; last night 24Herbs rocked the house!! I’m glad I did not get a hangover this morning! I’d be in SG for exactly 23 hours! If we did not have to go to Korea tomorrow, I’d stay here for a couple of days more for sure!

It was so good to see Ryan & the WGSG crew, BBB & Elin, Steve & Tracey & especially Charlyn, so nice to finally meet her in person! She’s really camera shy so check back ...Read more

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Lunar @ SG

I’m here in Singapore yo! I heard Jackie Chan is coming to the performance tonight ….. Check back later!

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