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While doing some performance tests to compare the difference between the 1st generation original Macbook pro & the new unibody Macbook pro, I was inspired by the funky shots that Ben posted (in fact, my banner shot here at What’s Good is also an HDR shot), so I shot some pics of my 2 Macbooks:

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Macbook pro!

I’m stoked…. it arrived this morning.  Unboxing flicks after the jumpRead more.......

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Coming soon…..

Macbook Pro

Placed my order today; Apple is shipping it from their warehouse in Shanghai,

should arrive by next Monday.

Specs of my new machine:

2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics card AND Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT Graphics

320GB Serial ATA @ 7200 rpm

4GB Ram

Basically max out on every option possible…..

Other interesting features

Glass screen, glass trackpad, enclosed ...Read more

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Another evening at Subcrew HQ

Recieved a call from my friend Frankie; Subcrew had some boards made & they were hooking me up with one so I popped down to the Subcrew office few nights ago.

These skate decks are dope; they aren’t for sale & Subcrew just made a bunch for their Unity Stores & homies.

Lee Hawk & Ken Wong ...Read more

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Know1edge Spring/Summer 2009 Catalog

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend JBS calls me & askes me to be in his upcoming Know1edge Catalog; Gihoon was in town,  so he & I were going to be featured in this catalog.

The next day, we all hooked up, together with Han Sol ,  another good ...Read more

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New Toy

New Toy

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DC Smith 2.0 update

I’ve been exclusively skating in these grey DC Smith 2.0’s for more than 2 weeks & I’m still loving them; they are fantastic to skate in!

Check out This pic from last weekend’s session with Lee Hawk & JBS

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Just noticed today that my page on AlivenotDead.com has had over 100K hits…

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by my page & especially to everyone who has left comments.

Big shout out to Terrence, Pat, Raffi, Stephen & the AnD crew & my homies, its been hella fun!

I’ve been busy since getting back from Thailand, but I will update ...Read more

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What the Fu*K is that?!


“Cycling/Skateboarding Area in District Open Space at Area 9

Another excellent example of how Hong Kong Tax payers $$ is being wasted….

In the last couple of years of my involvement with the design & building of skateparks with the Hong Kong Government, I realized the following:

1- They don’t really care what they are building; as long...Read more

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The Ramp

On my first day in Bangkok, Ben took me to The Ramp, an indoor skatepark built run by Preduce in Bangkok


The skatepark / skate shop is located inside a mall, air conditioned, skateable rain or shine & FREE for any skater. No wonder Thailand’s skaters are getting so good!! They got many skateparks in Thailand, but even in ...Read more

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