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Robbed in Malaysia

Well, I’m kinda bummed today, coz I just got a call from my Uncle here in KL.I left my skateboard & extra deck in my uncle’s car, then last night some fuckers broke into my uncle’s car & stole them.  They stole some other shit, but I’m bummed coz now I can’t skate this coming weekend.  Fuckers.Anyway, here are some pics of my complete skateboard & the 24 Herbs board that I brought all the way from HK for Ben’s new shop.So, if you see someone riding these boards in Malaysia, you know what’s up.  These boards are cursed, whoever ...Read more

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Hong Kong UFO Documentary - Out now!

Prodip (from LMF) shot me an email to let me know that his project movie dvd has already been released.  Its Hong Kong’s first UFO documentary

New AD

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Kenny Reed


I received this photo from my friend Kenny Reed while chatting to him online this morning; I was totally blown away with the pic & thought I’d share it with you all here.

Kenny was in Kuala Lumpur recently with some skaters ...Read more

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Sh*t-on-my-Dunks II

Super limited edition - only one pair in existence

Shit x Nike SB mid dunks.


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Early Skateboard coverage in Hong Kong

Early Skateboard coverage in Hong Kong

Originally uploaded by wZa HK

I got this scan in the email from Andy, who got it from Greg; a news article from back in the day by the South China Morning Post.

Here, Andy &a...Read more

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An evening at the Subcrew’s Headquarters…

Visited the offices of my old friend Frankie today, the Hat King & partner behind Subcrew.

Ricky, the Mac Genius at his workstation

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Thanks for the pic, Liza!

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New toy - Ricoh GR Digital II

I’ve been playing around with my new toy, the Ricoh GR-D II for a few days now. The Ricoh GR-D is used by many photographers as a “snaps” camera. ( Wing Shya uses the GR-D as his snapshot camera, & so did Tabo-san) I test drove the new II version & I just ...Read more

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Respect The Legend of 23

Nike Store at Silvercord, Tsim Sha Tsui


This is Nike’s new flagship store in Hong Kong.  For the legend of 23 event, they re-renovated the place for the event.Over 230 pairs of Air Jordans were on display & this was a strictly ‘invitation only’ event

(more…...Read more

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I did it…..

I did it

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