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My Doggies.........

Luvy Duvy

Okay, as promised, here are a few pics of my doggies.....

The above pic was taken not long ago, when they were chillin' at home being lazy....

Now some pics from Sunday; I took my dogs to the "K-9 club" where they have a pool especially for dogs & we had a day of fun in the water!

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Sunburn from spending the day taking my dogs for a swim….

Now I gotta wear the damn wifebeater tee all the time.

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Itamae Sushi & interesting pics

Last night, after reading Ben’s blog about Itamae Sushi & his flattering comments about my pics, I headed down to Itamae for dinner ‘coz Ben’s pics were very appetizing.

I noticed the leaf shaped plates they used to serve sushi actually had concave, kick nose & tail on them, like a skateboard.


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Pic of the week…

Filming Lee Hawk

Snapped this last saturday while skating with Lee Hawk & Walking… I like the way the Filmer is in the frame while Lee Hawk floats over the pyramid.

Oh yeah, it was a HOT day.

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Thank you’s!

Things have been hectic  since I got back from Jakarta the week before; but I have to stop work for a minute & post a couple of big thank you’s ….

First off to Oli for hooking me up with tickets to Read more

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Skateboarding is Love Series - Lee Hawk

Another masterpiece from Nigel, this time featuring HK skate legend Lee Hawk .

Hi rez iphone/ipod compatible version available for download at HKskateboarding.com

Thanks - Ryan Hui(開竅)

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Sunrise @ Java Sea

25 Jul 2008

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Bye~ HongKong; Jakarta here I come….

Kinda bummed that I’m leaving Hong Kong today just as Ben & Eelin arrives for the Full Circle Show, but what can I do?   I’m sure the exhibition will be a SUCCESS & the pieces are dope, if you are in Hong Kong during this time you MUST go to check it out, may be lucky enough to buy a piece or two…..

Right now, I’m chillin’ the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge at HK international airport…..

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Business Class Bliss

Business class bliss

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