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What is Chanel without the Kaiser??

“This is not a fact until you officially read it somewhere else but rumour has it that Karl Lagerfeld will not renew his contract at Chanel and that Albert [sic] Elbaz will take his place and Olivier Theyskens will take Albert’s place at Lanvin. Both choices make perfect sense to me…Nothing is engraved in cement, these are still just rumours you will have to wait and see.” —Diane Pernet from A Shaded View of Fashion.If this is true....woa! My world'll be turned upside down! (I can be a drama queen sometimes and over exaggerate, but...things won't be the same, that's for sure!)P.S. - Picture has nothing to do with the quote. It's just a photo I like of Karl. ;)

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Chanel will survive and perhaps even flourish. It is called Chanel, after all, and not Lagerfeld. Also, there were equal parts biz and design in what happened at Chanel under the Kaiser. I think Albert Elbaz is one of the true greats in fashion today. He is a great designer, with a real artist's eye. It will be fascinating to see what he does with Chanel (if the rumors of Lagerfeld's retirement are true).
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oh is this true dear? anyway, see you sun! and thurs! ^.^
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