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Found a trailer I did few years back for my NM2208 school project! Just in time to get everyone into the festive #Halloween mood! Have a scary Halloween!

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http://t.cn/8F1mqJu★★★★,看了预映,对武林界前辈致敬的电影,让我认为@甄子丹 大哥有突破#叶问[电影]#的形象。@王宝强 的外在疯狂 和甄子丹控制在内的武痴 有着强烈的对比!赞!一定要看! http://t.cn/R79XyNw

GUESS: Put a girl together with an #OPPON1Mini #Selfie phone and what do you get?

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Check out this video I've just created:"用#OPPON1Mini#又在玩#自拍##宅在家##微笑#?",Tap here to play>>http://t.cn/R7SW8TV(from #美拍#)

很多时候,生气时说出的气话,是最真的。很多人会说,其实静下心来,未必会说相同的话。 但这些忍下来的埋怨会一一累积,造成后来的一发不可收拾。

有时候,不得不抱怨一下。 被当假想敌、被问 明知故问 的问题真的很累人。烦死了。

You know what are the 3 things that make a flight experience enjoyable? Good food, Great service and the High probability that the passenger next to you doesn't get up to go to the toilet all the time! Thanks @jetstarasia for making ALL of them possible! Although the 3rd condition is really out of your control! ?

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ALERT: New HIGHLY contagious virus found! The virus aka "E.X.I.T Virus" was discovered by the @blackboxsg team. Your skin will start to rot if you don't get off work in time and work till wee hours... Cure: NOT FOUND. Everyone, please show this to your bosses and let them know they will be infected too if you work OverTime. If you are infected by this virus (like me ✌️) this means you have been working hard. P.S. virus expected to expire on 31st October 2014.

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So have you #HHN4 this #Halloween Yet? Minister of Evil might be evil, but I can still tickle his chin and get him to eat out of my hand! ? Cuz I'm Da Chili Girl! ? #OPPON1Mini

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When @ehlearn looked into the camera lens and realized that I'm not alone.... #SentosaSpooktacular

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