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Hong Kong,Macau,Cambodia,Australia and China

I 've been stay at several places/countries? in da past few months. Felt a bit like a backpacker haha.I do have a HOME. At Hong Kong, I just moved in my new apartment a week ago.However,most of packed stuffs still in box.Im sure my dog(CHILI)is very satisfy to living here. Although,he might feel alone when I was not at this new home with him in da past few days。。。。Of course, I were at    Read more

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And Happy BD

  HAPPY BirthDay And ,wish And get stronger & stronger and keep Rockin . I didn't make it IN time of the Press Con but Im sure it was great.However,im IN time to drunk and having fun with my bros and Sissss.Cheers. Me @D 1 Read more

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Covermark - City Spotlight Party

In Fact , I never been use covermark's products before. Here's a chance to let me try them out c if they fits me..haha. But Normally I only do the make up in one case ---- photo shooting.

Thanks covermark anyways.

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The 27th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony 2008

Haven't been update my blog at least 2 months.In these 2 months after the "Pok Oi"charity show which I hosted,I've been busy on 1 movie and 1 TV drama 's preparations,wish can move smoothly on the up coming days. At the same period ,I also shuttled around China,Macau and HK for fews performing shows and as a guest of events.Felt a bit rush and tired but Im sure I 'll share all photos on what I done in these 2 months as soon as I can. Then on tonite, a rush day again just ca...Read more

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31/1 出席了香港美髮美容商會與懲教署合辦的活動  "更生計劃之美麗人生"此計劃是香港美髮美容商會特 別給囚人仕提供髮型及美甲課程 , 日後提供就業機會, 待她們再踏入社會時可以積極面對人生 ..

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多謝大家 Thanks All

最近為左博愛 MY POK OI HOSPITAL PROJECT好多鎖碎慨事要跟進, 當然忙係一件好事,希望大家多多支持 及捐贈

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A meaningful project on my hand after my Bday, pls give your support . This is a charity project, what I need to do is collecting used/new clothes and stuffs from Artistes who at Hong Kong and have a  "Artistes' stuffs charity Auction" to rasie a funds for POK OI HOSPITAL. The Auction days on 28th Feb to 2nd March 2008 at APM Mall Clothes/Stuffs Donation period:  Anytime from now on till 13th Feb 2008. Please drop me a lines or send me a contact  as here (m...Read more

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Bday Gift

星期日16 Dec除左係我尊敬嘅前輩阿Sam嘅演唱會外亦都係小弟我慨生日 My Birthday,

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不拍不拍,還是拍了 Shooting or Not ? Go for it


在此我要多謝所有留言支持的朋友, Thanks so much & For sure my Lucky "She" !!

Been through such a Large production's experience + little pity, Really like o shut myself up for a while at home or studio.... picking up a gutiar and piano ...composing some songs.....Read more

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最近訓覺時成日都發夢...當中有惡夢亦有 好開心既美夢... 有些人話夢係同現實相反地發生,有些人話夢係曰有所思,夜有所夢..... 亦都可能係燥熱才成曰發夢.... 訓醒了便忘記


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