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Serial Dater - launching October 2018

Who will she find when she swipes right? Follow Alex’s misadventures in the dating world. Coming October 2018 to Youtube!  #serialdatertv #webseries #lgbtq



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Happy holidays, everyone! @serial.datertv is taking a short break for the holidays. For those of you who haven't watched our web-series yet, we're 8 episodes in now and each episode is about 10mins. It's a quirky LGBTQ+ web-series that follows Alex in her online dating adventures - please do support us by subscribing and watching the episodes on our YouTube channel (Link on @serial.datertv bio) :) We'll be back in the new year! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Happy New Year, Happiness to all! . . . . . . . . .

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sisters from different mothers. Charlie, how did you get taller than me?! #serialdatertv @claudspox @serial.datertv 📸 @ashlee.kellehear 🎨 @morganashleymua @ian.russell.design

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Hello everyone, new hair colour. That is all. #titaniumgrey 🌈 by @hairbydanijela

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Repost @serial.datertv with @get_repost

・・・ A new episode today!! @sagescarlettdrake sure had a fun time watching this unfold!! #whatsupbigdaddy #serialdaterv #webseries

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Promo shot #ftw ! Because we’re quirky like that. This photo’s pretty much our characters exactly as they are in one picture. So much fun working with the cast of #serialdatertv ! . . . . . . .

webseries #gay #lesbian #bisexual #lgbtq #promoshoot #cast .

. . . 📸 @ashlee.kellehear 🎨 @morganashleymua @ian.russell.design

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Last day of #workholiday before work “officially” starts... loving the weather and the sun! 😍 #barcelona

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So.much.walking... but pretty though! #barcelona #workholiday #myfeethurt

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View from the first room... #workholiday #theW #barcelona

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Repost @serial.datertv with @get_repost

・・・ FIVE. MORE. DAYS.🎉 #serialdatertv #webseries

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I have a passion to create, inspire and empower through words, pictures and moving visuals. An entrepreneur, communicator, actor and writer.


Toronto, Canada
August 20, 2008

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