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Will be showing a few Diasec pieces with AP Contemporary at Art Southampton New York from July 24 - 28. Find us at Booth AS66.

Art southampton sonya fu
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Will be showing with AP Contemporary at Art Southampton New York from July 24 - 28. Find us at Booth AS66!

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W.I.P. shot of one of the many pieces that I am working on! So much fun working on this one, it feels just like my childhood is back!:)

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Late night working! #art #SonyaFu #WIP #Painting #YummyColors

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"つづく" (Tsuzuku / To Be Continued) (2014) Triptych.#SonyaFu #MementoMori #ArtForFreedom #Art #Painting

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Working on 3 pieces simultaneously! Having fun with the palette too! #SonyaFu #Art #Painting #SneakPeek

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Something For A Change

Working on 3 pieces simultaneously. Meanwhile, having fun with the palette! A rather light-hearted palette, for a change.

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My work "Fever Vanity" is featured in "Mysterium Cosmographicum" along with masterpieces by a group of talented international artists at Stephen Romano Gallery.

Opening on 5th June 2014, 6-9pm

111 Front Street Suite 208 Brooklyn New York 11201


Shonagh Adelman + Steven Baines + Dan Barry + William Blayney + Jana Brike + Paul Campbell + Andreas Cellarius + Judy Chappus + El Gato Chimney + Mahwish Chishty + Colin Christian + Edward Robin Coronel + Charl es Dellschau + Matthew Dutton + A. Fiorelo + Sonya Fu + James Gallagher + Limor Gasko + Teiji Hayama + Romeyn De Hooghe + Alessia Iannetti Jumaadi + Lu Ke + Tine Kindermann + Pavel Kraus + Kris Kuksi + So Youn Lee + Darcilio Lima + Joel Lorand + Rene Lynch + Abby Martin + William Mortensen + Heiko Müller + Matt Nolen + Peca + Phresha + K.B. Yung + Eric Richardson + Ray Robinson + Gromyko Semper + Masae Shimoichi + Martin Wittfooth

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Another sneak peek of a new series that I'm currently working on for my solo later this year! Stay tuned for more info!

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Working on my solo which will happen later this year! More info later! #Art #SonyaFu #SneakPeek

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Sonya Fu * official artist

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