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Who was Humpty Dumpty?

Humpty Dumpty didn't fall off the wall and he wasn't exactly an egg. He was a man pushed beyond the edge by the same people who say they want to put him back together. The reason all the king's horses and men couldn't put him back together again is because they weren't doing it for Humpty and also because Humpty wasn't so willing in the situation. They weren't considering Mr. Dumpty's feelings after he fell because he didn't matter to them in that way. Did he want to be put back together and if he di...Read more

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Costa Rica RIP

I came across some pretty interesting coffee. The place where I buy raw coffee beans occasionally does their own experiments. Costa Rica RIP (Roasting In Parchment) is their own process of roasting coffee in it's outer parchment shell, grinding it up, parchment and all, and brewing it. This is my first time checking it out. What I found out is that it has a very original flavor. It's one of my favorite coffees now and doesn't taste like any coffee I've had before. The one problem is that it's long gone. It sold out so fast ...Read more

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Piano and Drums Improvisation

I recently found myself getting back into improvisation on piano. If you like Olivier Messiaen or Cecil Taylor, you might like these. I'll be doing a lot more of this, especially with drums.


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Blocking Thought... the second attempt

What is she thinking, or not thinking?

So now I guess I am convinced that I have some abilities for drawing. This is my second attempt which I almost gave up on but something forced me to continue to get it to this point. Here's the first attempt. I'm not sure where this is leading but I might be taking it seriously if I can...Read more

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The Hong Kong Garden

The song was released in 1978 and named after "The Hong Kong Garden" Chinese takeout in South East London. Siouxsie is quoted as explaining the lyrics with reference to the racist activities of skinheads visiting the takeout:

"I'll never forget, there was a Chinese restaurant in Chislehurst called 'The Hong Kong Garden'. Me and my friend were really upset that we used to go there and like, occasionally when the skinheads would turn up it...Read more

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First attempt...

Look at what AnimationNation and AnD has made me do. I drew a naked woman.

After being a part of the 3 man team that built AnimationNation, and after constantly seeing the huge variety of great art on AnD and knowing talented artists here, I was suddenly inspired and wanted to draw. A long time ago I  used to draw abstract stuff but I totally sucked at drawing real life.

I didn't kno...Read more

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How many ways do I make coffee?

With a little help from my friend Marvin the Martian, here are the 4 ways that I make coffee.

French Press

Italian Espresso

Porcelain Drip

...Read more

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Tom & Jerry like you've probably never seen...

Tom & Jerry on crack with a Venetian Snares soundtrack.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg52OSGmg7g

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My icon or headshot is from a new drawing by a great artist and friend of mine Reni. Go check it out and check out all his other stuff too. There is a lot so you might be there a while...


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A wall painted animation

First, I put some new music in my mp3 player, just the first track. Well, to me it's pretty old (like the others in the same player) but I remixed it, took parts out and put new parts in, just for the hell of it. Occasionally I'll load up something old, dust it off and mess around with it as a temporary break from current projects. The word "Transignition" was from a dream I had (my dreams and "real life" seem mash together all the time) when I was actually working on the original music a long time ago. I ...Read more

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