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..... :) 
It's been a while....

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New post

New post.....testing.

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Dentist visit + weekend stuffs

I followed my Mom to the dentist this morning.  She had a 7am appointment.  Wow, that's early.... so strange for a dentist office to be opened so early in the morning.  The reception area was so pretty (for a dentist office).... it was very relaxing and soothing with bamboo and water elements integrated into the decor.  Very similar to a spa....     I think it works well to calm the nerves of  people who are afraid to go to the dentist.   It's the prettiest dentist office I...Read more

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My friend's cousin died last Saturday.  The funeral is this Sunday and their relatives are arriving from abroad on Friday.  My condolences to G. and her family.  I didn't know her cousin that well.... just knew who he was and to say hi to, but I will be attending the funeral this Sunday.  I don't like funerals (who does??), the sadness.... it just gets to me.  Really is sad to think about.... losing our friends, loved ones.  As we get older, we experience more of people we know passing away.  I dread to think of the day where I'll have t...Read more

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Random thoughts....

I didn't get to watch the MJ Memorial at work.  Instead, I  watched it after work at my sister's house where they showed bits of it on CNN.  There were several parts that got me teary eyed - the eulogy, when MJ's brother sang "Smile" and especially when his daughter spoke.   It was a nice memorial.  All of these MJ news seems to have overshadowed Farrah Fawcett's passing.  Is it just me that thinks that?  I haven't heard anything much or maybe I've missed all the programs/tributes etc.

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Knit/Purl results!

I wanted to share some stuffs I finished.... I got all the patterns from the internet so if anyone wants the url, let me know.

So, I've finally learned to knit socks without signing up for any classes.  I just picked a pattern I liked and got additional help by googling on the net.  How great is that?!  Maybe one day I will try to make a cardigan or shrug.  But for now, I find that making socks is fun and at the end I've got a new pair of socks.  I've already started a second pair.  Read more

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Being MIA....

I'll admit I have been SO LAZY in blogging recently.  There are times I'll do something and go somewhere and think  "I have to write about this", then later when I get to the computer I'll forget what to write about.  I think I have too much stuffs on my mind lately.  The other day I picked out some photos to post here but need to re-size them first. 

As a reminder to myself, things I need to write about:

Flower show

Garden update

Knitting obsession

Last Sunday was Mother's Day....Read more

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Photo time!

Some photos from my mini-vacation:

A line of little stalls selling food and drinks along the way.

At the beach, there's a man-made island that we could walk across to.  Also had vendors selling craft stuffs at the end.

This was ...Read more

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So much has happened.... here's a summary.  Some weeks ago, my dad had a complete heart block and had to do surgery. It was such shocking news ......we were all so worried! I spent a lot of time at the hospital along with my Mom during that time.  I tend to worry A LOT  over  everything and the hardest part  was trying to stay positive.  Thankfully,the surgery went well and my dad's recovering nicely.   This incident just re-inforces the fact that life is very fragile and we need to spend time with ...Read more

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Here's an update on the stuffs that's been going on (or not) in the back yard.  The grass is coming along (rather slowly) but it's going good and filling in nicely.  Grass is so easy to grow... just have to water everyday.  Weeds are so easy to grow.... even without watering, they just pop up everywhere.  I think they even grow faster than the grass.  

Those little stubs along the wall will eventually be a colourful array of shrubbery.  I forgot  some of the names, but one o...Read more

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