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My Dad And My Grandma

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The Rocker

Hi People,

After whole day working on saturday night, i clicked on Youtube and looked for something fun to watch and i saw this..

The Rocker, Showing on August 20th in US

This is probably the best trailer i've seen in this year, you will know what im talking about so go click the PLAY button above.

Hey im talking to you

go click la

WEI !!!


ok.. forget it, im just tring to share good stuff to you guys, and you decide to leave this page, you loser!...Read more

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Old Hardpack

Its just too hot to go out these days, even at night i can't stop sweating, plus i really got no time to go to the beach, so summer to me is just a torture.

Few months ago me, kk and the ex-members of Hardpack Ming and Hang plus a bunch of hardcore/punk rock friends went to Shen Zhen to check out one of our favourite punk band in China Reflector. Hang took his itouch out and saw one of the old pics of Hardpack, and we decided to take one with the same pose so here it is..

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Are You Watching Closely...?

Probably one of THE BEST movie i've watched in the past 12 months, last night was the second time I watched this movie and it toally blew me away!! Strongly recommand everyone here to watch this movie you won't regret! Anyone who watched this movie tell me how you feel about it :)

Life is full of excitement, I recently addicted to Maa Laak Mic Sinn (numb-lips rice noodle) 麻辣米線, it ju...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Feb 5

Hi everyone im in england having a good time with my girlfriend, staying in my brother place is the best, the only thing you can do is doing total nothing but eat, shit and sleep, get inspire for writing new songs for Hardpack.

Been to London in the past few days and had a chance to meet up with one of my friends back in the high school day was lots of fun. OK i know you guys want photos so here it is..

Me checking out the guitar shop in London.

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City of Gamble - One Day Trip

The last time I visited Macau was 2003, Hardpack was invited to play a gig there and by that time I was still the drummer and Ah Hang was still in the band. 4 years later I visited Macau again with my girlfriend. Except the traffic jam annoyed me a bit everything changed in a good way, its always fun to go to Macau.

On our way to Dai Sham Ba we saw something funny..

Seth in front of...Read more

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Hardpack 2003

Came back from Beijing last week and it was awesome! I forgot to bring my sweater but luckily Kevin Boy got a spare one (Thanks dude I love the oversized Famous windbreaker!) Didn't have chance to eat lamb, but still managed to chill out and played a show with the band in one cool place in Beijing called "798". Photos upload later.

Checking on YouTube the other day and I found some old Hardpack clips.

Adam School- It was 25th Mar 2003 at FARM Causeway Bay, KK looked like a cancer patient.   Don't Fuck Me If You...Read more

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Going To Beijing

Going to Beijing to play for Josie, leaving in 3 hours so I will come back with lots of photos, stay tune!

Respect, Seth

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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Shooter (2007)For people who obsessed with FPS Game (Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, Metal of Honor, Battlefield 1942 etc.) This is a movie for you! It is such a guy film, it talks about guns (Sniper!!) conspiracy, revenge and brotherhood . There're only 2-3 female appeared in this film has, not more than 10 dialogs. Despite there're some scenes you can't explain for example how  did he ran away from the chase with 2 bullets in his body and how he got away from jail after killing 500 people in the end of the movie, do...Read more

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What a day!

Went to Ma On Shan and shoot a MV for TVB this afternoon with my friends Fung Jai (Swing in the back with shiny pink shirt black tie and wrong size pants on...) we walked pass a toy shop and found this.

$48 is irresistable, so guess which one I bought... . . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I GOT THE WHITE ONE!! (Like my guitar!)Read more

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