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Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

Happy Merdeka friends![n656970863_1237286_3919](/attachments/2008/09/217871_2008091514000163.jpg)

I had the luxury of spending it with my bro and my family plus friends later on at Frangi and Velvet. Its great to see everyone in a patriotic mood here especially with the win by Anwar in the past by-election. Here are some videos to feast your eyes upon:

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The Darkness

Ok its not a DARK entry.. instead, here's a short clip of my hair being blowdried for my asian afro. The stylist Shawn selected me to be his in-house model for the abundance of hair i have on my head. I guess there are positives to having a mop-head after all!I also participated in the Green Heart Celebrity Golf at Saujana Golf Club today! Had loads and loads of fun with the girls! The complimentary whisky stations on the green made it even more fun. Its hilarious with giggly girls getting drunk on the golf course! But nonetheless, it was an...Read more

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God Created Durian for me.

There was a pure and simple reason why I decided to move to Malaysia. Hold on. I think there were two before: my late grandmother and durian. Although my grandmother passed away almost a year ago, I'm glad that with her anniversary coming up, I can properly grieve with my family in her honour.Back to the topic - DURIAN. I've been hoarding so many durian products in my stomach, I think its slowly telling me something [i.e. like the Durian zit i had in Penang].. anyways, I've just inhaled a Snow Skin Durian Coulis Mooncak...Read more

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Professionalism and Procrastination

IMG_0776In my short stint of this stairway to stardom, I've always had the same advice given out to me- always follow up!I've attended a handful of events recently, and networking through these social events have been quite good for me as it often leads to jobs, projects, publicity, photoshoots and etc. But without following up on a meeting, sending a quick hell...Read more

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Randommania - OK Red Party

Here’s one with 8TV Quickie host Belinda! I had a blast doing some coverage of the OK Magazine Red Party for Gua. Filled with tons of celebs and many faces that a lot of KL-ites would recognize…[and some that I still have yet to know] I know this post is a little redundant but I figured I’d [...]

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RandomMania @ Bar Savanh Too


I was able to do some hosting on the weekend with Gua’s RandomMania. I covered Shayna Zaid’s performance at Bar Savanh Too in Plaza Mont Kiara. She had such a great essence about herself and she’s truly an amazing performer. A few of her career highlights include soundtracking on Young and the Restless too! I [...]

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UTours Sample Clips - more!

Hey Everyone! Check out the new issue of the Globe and Mail’s University Report Magazine. I’m featured in the Magazine as well as the website with the additional sample clips! Check this link out: Globe and Mail UTours CLIPS I was also hosting:  University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, York University, University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University and University [...]

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