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happy new years

I got this new camera from my brother this year.

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Sita Sings

The Blues!

This is a great film. See it now. I command you.

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air conditioning music

I've made something experimental for this piece. It's a midi piece that I am hoping to play with real instruments at some point, probably recorder, electric piano, ukelele, and a robotic voice. I have a one day sound recording class on Saturday, where hopefully I will learn to do this well enough to do it on my own.

My process for creating this piece:

I wrote a very very corny poem about love, and these lyrics set the pace of the melody.

Then I added accompaniment with some chord & rhythm exper...Read more

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comedy comedy and lower prices

So here's the latest flyer for my stand up comedy class. (My edits with more info and pics).

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no chin me

This is the pic I got (my crop) from the PhotoCrazy.com service for the Santa Barbara Triathalon. I am hoping to harvest a better bike for the next year's race. Our team "Team Name" won the coveted "Last Place" in the relays. YEAH!

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sounds of snow

Listening to " Welcome Back Cooper - The Postal Service" I thought I heard the crunching of snow which got me thinking about using cornstarch and a very sensitive mic to reproduce the sound of snow for musical accompaniment.

The next step to making this animation about the a/c is to get a little obsessed about the concept, and drawing up the shape of this box and its obvious contents. I think maybe I should think about the stop motion puppets as photographic images to be collaged with the a/c. I also need to start thumbnail...Read more

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I am interested in loaning money to kiva after having given money away to so many American beggars. That $15 I spent on John Doe would have helped Tajeddin Babayev get a refrigerator for his fish in Azerbaijan, and I would have more certainly gotten my money back. John Doe took my card and said he'd call, but I don't expect to hear back from him. I just hope he didn't use it for something unh...Read more

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animating plants

The exciting thing about growing plants from seed is that each one has a particular motion almost visible to the patient eye. I was thinking about making my pHd work about the growth of different species of plants, studying the variations in growth, and working from these differences as if they were moving at a human pace. The vine can spiral, the leaves will sprout, and the roots will spread just as swiftly.

On a side note, I want to make a the...Read more

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tickets might be $20 per person...

but we're trying to negotiate for a better price for y'all.

Please come see me perform! I promise to deliver a very unique show.

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