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Photo Album: Diesel Fashion Show|相冊:Diesel時裝秀|相册:Diesel时装秀

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Diesel Hot Fashion Show|Diesel 熱爆FASHION SHOW|Diesel 热爆FASHION SHOW

DIESEL fashion show was a blast, I was there…………really hot hot hot……… P1090908P1090851Read more

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Photo album: UNITY Guangzhou Branch Opened|Photo Album: UNITY廣州店開幕|Photo Album: UNITY广州店开幕

UNITY Guangzhou Branch Opened P1090637P1090639<...Read more

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UNITY Guangzhou Branch Opened|UNITY 廣州店開幕|UNITY 广州店开幕

  UNITY opened Guangzhou branch, thanks for supporting SUBCREW Brand. SUBCREW TEAM hope you buy certified product, we’ll open more SUBCREW branches –UNITYto continue “UNITY IS POWER” spirit throughout China. P1090654Read more

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Sichuan Magnitude-8.0 Earthquake|四川8.0級地震|四川8.0级地震

Heard from news that a major earthquake measuring 8.0 Richter Scale attacked Sichuan, I felt inquietude. Hope rescuers could enter into the disaster area ASAP to save more lives there. Organizations should arrange to relocate all the suffering people. Please help Sichuan people by donating money! Appreciated…………Leave your wish & support to all the suffering people of Sichuan here.

聽到新聞報導,四川發生了7.8級地震,心裡有不安的感覺,希望拯救人員克服一切的困難,盡快進入災區,拯救被困的...Read more

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PCCW TVC Forenotice|PCCW TVC 預告篇|PCCW TVC 预告篇

Pls. check out PCCW wireless broadband, coming soon………ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

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Beijing Fashionista Party|北京潮人派對|北京潮人派对

Annual fashionista party was held in Beijing again. Me, DJ BECAREFUL was there again. You missed it? Come to us next year! Check out Beijing new airport.

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Photo Album:Melbourne 5 days trip|Photo Album: 墨爾本五天遊|Photo Album: 墨尔本五天游

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好快好快,開心的時間過得特別快.又是時間講BYE BYE.....再見澳洲!多謝澳洲墨爾本所有當晚到PARTY的朋友. P1080889P1080913Read more

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