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Madrid International Wushu Championships 2010

3 x Gold; Nanquan, Nandao & NangunThe "Madrid International Wushu Championships" was held from the 12.-13.June 2010.

I participated in this competition together with some Taolu & Sanda athletes from the swisswushu nationalsquad.

Athlets from Finnland, Norge, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Nederlands and Hungary took also part in this competition!

The rules were the same as in the Worlds 2007 (Beijing), which means; Nandu (jumps) just for the fist forms. Ho...Read more

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Shooting May 2010

In May 2010 I had my first shooting. I still need to practice a lot how to pose... :)

Check the pictures on my website: www.wushu-sami.ch

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13th European Wushu Championships

Nanquan: 5th Place

Nandao: 5th Place

Nangun: 4th Place

Here my videos from the euros:

Nangun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4iNtOicRuQ Nanquan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WblMkX2RAM Nandao: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fGagAh-wHU

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New Website!

Long time since my last update here on AnD.

Most of the time I've been busy with working and wushu training. Now I'm preparing for the european wushu championships which will be held on Turkey (06.-13.March 2010).

Besides this I've updated my website. You'll see that the design has changed and I've implemented some other features. The language of the website will now be in english so that you guys also understand what I'm writing. :)

Would be nice if you could leave a comment in my guestbook (on m...Read more

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Swiss Wushu Chamionships 2009

Here the news:

I won all 3 events; Nanquan, Nandao & Nangun.

Unfortunatly I still did some mistakes with Nangun, because my knee hurts. But I still had enough points to win.

Now I'm quite happy with this years comeptition results. Now for 3 years i could defend all 3 natinal events (Nanquan, Nandao & Nangun) & I'ma lso happy with the results from the World Wushu Championships 2009 (8.Place in Nanquan).

Now I really need a break from hardcore training.. must relax and enjoy a li...Read more

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Swiss Wushu Chamionships 2009

Tomorrow I'll have the last competition for this year. This is also the nationals most important competiton.  After that I won't have a big break; the european championships are already in march 2010.


I'll post the results and videos next week...

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channel on tudou.com


unfortunatly my friends in china can't watch my videos on youtube.com. So i decided to create a channel on tudou.com. Ya easy to do if can't read chinese, right? ;)

I used google translator to transalate every text on the website.

Finaly I could uploade 1 video from the 10th World  Wushu Championship.


Nanquan @ 10th world wushu championship: Read more

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10th World Wushu Championships

I am back home from the World Championship in Canada.

In Nanquan I got the 8th Place!!!!!! I am very happy about this result and I hope I can keep to play with the best Athlets!!

This result motivates me to train harder and try to be better all the time.

Unfortunatly I will not have a big break now. In 3 week I have the Swiss Wushu Championships and in March 2010 I'll compete at the European Wushu Championships in Turkey!

Here now the videos:

As you can see I maade some mistakes in Na...Read more

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10th World Wushu Championships - 4 days left

Yesterday we had our last natinal team training before the competition in Toronto. I did all my 3 routines (Nanquan, Nandao & Nangun) and did no mistakes. Now I just need to keep this level and relax.

I'm very happy go there and to compete with the wolrd best wushu athletes!

See you in Toronto!

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Training in Wuhan

As you might know I am now in China preparing for the world wushu competition. I was training in Shanghai. But last week I went to Wuhan. Now I am training with the Hubei Wushu Team.

I think I am well prepared for the world wushu competition. In Shanghai I trained my routine a lot. Now it's more "smothy" i guess... Here in Hubei I train now the full routine every day...

On Friday (25.09) I will go back to Shanghai for shopping and saying goodby to my freinds. Then on 27.09 I will fly back to Switzerland.

<...Read more
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Sami Ben Mahmoud is a several times national wushu champion. He is a member of the Swiss National Wushu Team &amp; participated at the European Wushu Championsh

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