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Snapshot from soundcheck, day six tonight. Same place, same time!! 🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘🎶🤘

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I can’t shred to save my life but I had fun throwing in some tapping on one of the tunes...😬😬😬

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Three down, eight more to go!! Thanks to everyone who came down and sang along last night!! 🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉🤩 @ 香港紅碪體育館-New Beginning Live

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Big ups to everyone who came out to last night’s opening of the “阿Sam 阿Tam Part II” concert!! Good times completing the first of eleven shows & always fun jamming with the fam. Come down and sing along... 🎶🎉🎶🎉🎶🎉🎶🎉🎶🎉🎶🎉🎶😂 @ 香港體育館

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Thanks Freshman Magazine for the cool interview & shots!! 🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸

Freshmanmagazine【FreShMAn 獨家專訪】 「#獨立音樂 是比較辛苦的,但這是我最喜歡的狀態。」…… 許懷欣 / Ryan Hui @thestayup

Ryan 最近發表新作品 #TheStartingLine,因為每次想出新歌都要重新起步,不斷出存錢,所以每一次需要調節自己的想法,push自己好像回到從前追求夢想的心態,這樣才有火花走出來。

特別鳴謝:浪潮音樂 Wave Music @wavemusicstudiohk 平面攝影:@VeryBrut

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Despite the bus delays, flight delays, and the Narita Airport shutdown last night I still made it back to Sam & Tam rehearsals in time!!! It’s gonna be a fun show, come sing along... 😸🎶😸🎶😸🎶😸🎶😸🎶😸🎶😸🎶 @ KD square

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Just found out “Starting Line” hit number one on the Commercial Radio 903 charts!!!!!! 🤩🤩 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

This is the first time any of my songs made it to the first spot!! Super super huge thanks to all the awesome DJs for their support and to everyone who listened!!! I’m so so stoked. Big ups to @adamdiaznet for great producing and @estherchan10 & team for all their hard work too!! 💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻

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Also this afternoon 3-4pm is my “樂宇宙” broadcast with Benny at RTHK!! We talk about Transformers too. 📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥👌🙏

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Tonight my “發式生活” interview with @andesyue will be broadcasted on 叱咤903. Check it out at 12:30am!! 📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥📻💥

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Here we go again, please pray for safe travels... 🙏✈️🙏✈️🙏✈️🙏✈️🙏✈️🙏✈️🙏✈️🙏

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