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Triple tap and more news

So last month I got the opportunity to write the English dubbing scrīpt for the recent Hong Kong Police Thriller “Triple Tap”. From the poster and the opening couple of minutes I was expecting an action packed cop shoot-em up, and as an action movie junkie - I was pretty excited. But soon the adrenaline rush of the opening petered out to a slow moving, dialogue filled, web of intrigue - that was hardly that intriguing... So I guess I was a bit let down. ;-)

As a writer, however, you must do justice to the source material and I tried to make the best English Dialogue scrīpt I could - I hate how wooden some dubbed films can be - and I blame a lot of that on the scrīpt, and then the director and lastly the actor. ;-)

Speaking of actors - I actually had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Daniel Wu a few days after finishing “Triple Tap”. I gotta say he is a very nice guy.

Last couple of months was also big for pilot cartoon episodes - I guess people were gearing up for MIPCOM and MIPTV ... We had “Jackie Chan’s Fantasia”, “Super Band”, and “Math Island Adventures” all in the studio for English Dubbing.

Well that all for me this time around -

Have an awesome week!

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ha ha, cool! yes its got more courtroom drama and who-dunnit than shoot-em-up in the film than you'd expect.
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