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Oxhide II

So for the month of July I have been in Beijing -- I'm a teacher's assistant for the University of Washington and Beijing Film Academy summer program.  Truth be told I still have a lot to learn about Chinese cinema -- and I'm so thankful that I got the chance to explore it even more... 

When I saw Oxhide II my mind exploded.  I'm still really trying to process it all.  It's ...Read more

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Ever had a day like this?

Probably the best window dressing I have ever seen... of course I don't get out much...

My little green camera doesn't lie...

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0% Art and 100% Life

Some people think life is art others see art as life -- but what if life is life?

How do we spend the time we have been given?

Where are all the voices -- who is listening?

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Life in Xi'an

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Over the weekend...

Mark and I went to catch a Broadway show -- yes, in Xian!  It was part of his birthday gift this year.  He really loves performance of all sorts and we had a great time (although I did get a little frustrated with the taxi driver on the way since he took us 'for a ride' a bit -- actually I was mostly upset with myself given that I have been living here for years and didn't know where the theater was... next time... sigh)  Can you guess which one it was?

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It's not about the kind of coffee you drink...

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Something to think about...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE6pdglIVWc&feature=related Music by Devon Gundry


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2009 the year of travel...

1/09 Sichuan mountains of mainland China

2/09 Hong Kong hills and Macau lights

3/09 Kingdom of Cambodia and the countryside of India

4/09 Plains of Tanzania and the Brazilian rainforests

5/09 California dreamin' and Idaho potatoes

6/09 Panama City and the Comarca

7/09 Xian in the PRC

8/09 Back to Macau

9/09 Idaho (married Mark!), Seattle... and the island of Haiti

10/09 In Xian -- this time to stay a while

11/09 Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and a day at Cupp...Read more

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And I come back to you now -- at the turn of the tide...

Sitting at the Village Cafe in Xi'an.  Post-production on a documentary is a long process.  When you are trying to get 36 hours of footage from six countries into a 20 minute piece that is.  Mark is here too -- studying Chinese and getting some work done online.  Plan to blog more and more.  There's lots to write about.  Who better to share with than my fellow artists on alivenotdead?  For now a memory from India --

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