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Nice night at Underground

We had a wonderful night at the Underground.

I enjoyed it very very much with the aid of Johnnie walker black label

Thank for all people attending the gig~!


sorry for not seeing the performance of Crazimals..........>.<

Good show guys~~~!

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BLOG: 8月7日

Anybody help me~~~

I wanna adjust my page's appearance......... but I've no clues about how~~


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When you're always being 2nd......

Will you lose your confident?

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WE"RE IN!!!!!!!!

2008 Heartbeat Grand Final!!  4/8 6:45

Hong Hong Convention and Exhibition Centre


I wanna be the CHAMP

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Tomorrow will be the date of Heartbeat 2008 semi - final

KillerSoap is gonna burn the stage!


FIGHT! If you've never been in a fight, how do you know how strong you can be.


Dreams are not only dreams if you just make it happen

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Recently I'm trying hard to work out for MUSCLE!!!!!!!!!!

Are there any muscle men here can give me advices?

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Woo~~ I became official artist!~

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Today I went Tai Mo Shan!

Have a fresh breath~!

With my little speedy new ...Read more

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So happy~~~~~~~~

I'm so lucky that I've found someone I do REALLY LOVE~!

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AnD is a nice place!!~

Thanks for 陳珊's help!~ Nice to meet all of you here!~

People in this network are soooooooooo kind!!

Wanna see you all in functions in the future

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Yes, Music is one of God's great creations.


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July 7, 2008