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Blog: Tuesday, Oct 26

going to the halloween party! my first in HK....can't wait! ; )

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Anatomy of a movie poster....

Here's a one of the designs for a small film I worked on, "Turning Point 1977". Normally a client will give me pics from the onset photographer...."unit photography". I normally get between 1,000 - 2,000 pics to choose from, which I then put together to make the design that's in my head. The most pics I've ever had to look through was about 12,000....w...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Mar 22

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"Red Cliff"

here are two of the 9 teaser posters I designed for the movie....the client picked out the photos for the other posters, so I didn't do much except for crop and size them. I was hoping to do something really different, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. I've seen a 23 minute trailer for the film, and I have to say that the sets and footage are quite amazing. it would be difficult to make this kind of film in the states, only because the cost would be astronomical. I also want to say that the producer was very cool to wo...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Feb 8

been taking a break lately....finally finished the teaser posters for "Red Cliff" last Saturday....there will be 9 teasers....I didn't do much design except for two of the posters....the client already had an idea of what they wanted....which happens sometimes. except for the freezing cold...it's been really beautiful in beijing lately, all blue skies...not even one cloud ; )  i think it's going to be a great year!! hehe

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Blog: Friday, Feb 8

Happy CNY!! Hope everyone has a great year!  ; )

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Blog: Monday, Jan 21

 last week wuz a little crazy....thought i wuz going to have a few days off after getting back from taipei, but i got the call...."we need it asap!" very common in this industry....this week looks like it's going to be the same...have to say that i would much rather be working, then sitting around watching tv though. coming soon - "Red Cliff" teaser posters...i'll post them as soon as i get approval ; )

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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 9

hi! i just got back from taipei a few days ago...new years eve was so crazy! i went to in-house around taipei 101....i think the news reported that there was about 500,000 people in the area to watch the fireworks. the fireworks were so cool...it felt like we were right under them. i saw so many old friends...which is always a nice feeling. hope i can go back soon!! hope everyone else had a great new years!! ; )

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Blog: Saturday, Dec 22

a few weeks ago, i saw the most interesting and informative documentary...."What the Bleep - Down the Rabbit Hole".....kind of the explanation of everything...."quantum physics". please watch if you get the chance! Merry Christma everyone!! Also have a great New Years! i'm going to Taipei...can't wait!! Hope everyone else has somewhere fun to go ; )

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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 18

finally got some time to write...it's been so crazy lately with work.  next month looks just the same....i'm supposed to shoot my first commercial! quite excited...but also nervous....hehe. beijing is getting so cold!! we just had our first snow...last week i think? sorry, easy to forget, one day blurs into the next when i gets so busy. hope i can make some time to go skiing! 

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