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What I Have Been Up To :)

Greetings  All  :) Finally I have got around to  blogging  again after the  last  few months of madness  the dust has finally settled to some extent so I thought I would give you all a lil  update on  my life :) Where to start ? Hmm well as of  a few days I am no longer residing  the farmhouse  in Central  France  * Yippee Jumps up and down  and opens a bottle of champagne whilst letting off a multitude of  fireworks  :) *  Yes people I am finally free of that place  !  No more  rural life for this wolf  , no more tractors , fields ...Read more

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New Photos and Summer Wishes

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A Rather Different Recent Photoshoot

Greetings  All Just before  2011  breathed it's last , I  was asked by a friend to do a photoshoot of a bar and grocery store in a town near me , the place had been open  for that purpose  for over a hundred and closed  on New Years day and  will probably  be turned into a  residential  dwelling , this was a chance to capture a piece of history .The concept of the shoot was to turn  a modern day image  of the place into one that looked as though it had been taken years ago to really capture the sense of history of th...Read more

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My Art Featured in " Atmospheric" metal zine !!

Greetings all !  I hope that you all are having a wonderful  start to the weekend !

I am  pleased to announce that  I am  now featured in one  of the longest established  and respected  Polish metal  Magazines - Atmospheric Magazine ! This great  zine has been showcasing  and promoting  talent in the  metal  industry  since the '90s !!! Now  The Wolfshead  creations are gracing their  Metal Artists and Designers section ! So  people do  copy and paste  link below and  enjoy :) Rob

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