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"We are each one winged angels. We must embrace one another to fly." - As angels of Earth, we often go through Life encountering numerous obstacles. During this journey of Life, we meet many people from all walks of life. Some will stay, some will go. Some stay longer, some can only be there for briefer moments. Those everlasting memories will forever have a place in our hearts. However far or near you are from your loved ones and friends, know that if they truly matter to you, their existence will last eternally right next to you, as if they are right there...Read more

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Love this place :) excellent vibe and food. 💜💜💜

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Made with love :) my coconut pudding

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May the Holy Lord grant me strength to proceed In this most desperate time of need My prayers shall be calling for an answer Waiting and hoping for a savior To rescue those around me who are troubled To shine light on those around me who are in the darkness To shelter those who have been abandoned To embrace the warriors who are scarred and wounded To allow those who have fallen to rise from disgrace and stand renewed.

Should my humble hymns be honored I shall vow to replicate the faith into eternity


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I'm not sure if everyone here is aware of this, but there's a "dog eating festival" in Yulin, China that is about to happen. Please gather up and sign the petition issued to their governor and help spread awareness. Dogs are our best friends and loyal companions. The immoral idea of kidnapping them from homes and serving them as food is disturbingly inhumane.

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Back to NYC <3 Home sweet home <3 Flight was actually an hour earlier than scheduled. Awesome! <3 hehe

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Dinner time! :)

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Is anyone else in Vegas here?

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Just landed! Hello Vegas! :)

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It's important to realize the road you're taking and concentrating on your goal. Although along the way you may encounter endless obstacles that seems to tie yo


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April 22, 2006

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