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To all my friends, Congratulations to those who have worked so hard and made it this far and are still goin' strong! #hard #gohardorgohome #fire #sweat #weekend #spring #cheeky #happy

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An extremely lively start to the day. Throngs of spritely, vibrant, optimistic Hong Kongese ever-alert and looking out for a better future.... down in their phones. #hk #hongkong #morning #mtr

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I am fortunate to have many extremely beautiful women in my life. The fairer sex. The ones God spent a little more time on. When you see them today, drop everything and tell them how much you truly admire them, how beautiful and amazing they are. Happy International Women's Day. 三八妇女节快乐!

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Cannot recommend this beautiful vegan-friendly restaurant enough. Full of Thai charm and sophistication and out of this world food. A proper Bangkok welcome. #bangkok #food #restaurant #welcome

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Thanks @pangdemoniumtheatre for putting up a stellar performance of Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman. Congrats to the cast and crew. Second time I saw the play and I don't normally say must watch but you must watch it because it a must watch that must be watched. #pangdemonium #must #watch #mustwatch

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Can I just say that the new swanky JW Marriott hotel has just impressed the artist #jwmarriott #swanky #artist #style

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Cheers @daren_tan ! Was great catching up over supper last night and I've got nothing but respect for this guy's vision and ideas. Check out @cahootssg ! #friends #matamata #supper #cahootssg

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My neighbor! Thanks Jose, Camille and Emilio for inviting me over! #friends #lasalle #cute #kid

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Rush #mess #overtasked #schedule #packed

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Rayve Zen 郑维杰 is a screen and stage actor, writer and television personality currently based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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