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ORIS Backstage - Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒

ORIS Backstage - Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-AlMCfa_K0

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How can I get this book!?!?

葉山 豪/Hiro Hayamahttp://www.alivenotdead.com/hirohayama

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穂高ゆう大阪ライブ! / Yu Hotaka Live in Osaka!

Last Friday, I went to Umeda,Osaka to support Yu Hotaka who is one of the artists on AnD.When she had a Live Show in Osaka, Zuzu-san invited us (AnD Osaka members) to the show. Then we, the supporting members, got together![](/attachments/2011/07/18/15/52064_201107181505571.thumb.jpg)Read more

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As you know, I LOVE dim sum.

Last weekend, I visited one of my old friends. She took me to a new dim sum restaurant. 

Theatmosphere is very cozy, and they have avariety of chinese tea on the menu, …needless to say great food!

Thanks my dear friend! 

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2011 April / Birthday Lunch Party

Thanks a lots for your birthday wishes, my dear friends!

Whenever I read your hearty messages. I feel really happy...

Well, I had a lunch with my friends on Saturday at Kitahama(北浜) in Osaka(大阪).

The view in Kitahama street reminds me of somewhere an euro town...

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Japanese translation / Phil's blog Feb 20, 2011


Sweet Home Chicago - Freezing and Warm all at the same time... 我が故郷シカゴ—凍える程寒いけど暖ったかい

Hope everyone is enjoying their Lunar New Year! 

I spent my first Lunar New Year back home in Chicago with my family in the last eight years!

Besides a crazy blizzard that had my father and I spending four hours on the...Read more

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Thai Kitchen Phakchi @ KYOTO


I went to Kyoto for a Thai food with Jun.


Thai Kitchen Phakchi



The interior looks like a real Thai restaurant...?

Well, I haven't been to Thai, so, just feeling... lol

<...Read more

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京都 with Mom&Aunty



I went to Kyoto to visit our family grave with my mom & aunty.

There was snow left from place to place,  it makes the temple attractive...

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Self-service Udon restaurant in 讃岐(Sanuki)




Last weekend I visited to 高松(Takamatsu) to meet up one of my friends, and had Udon lunch with her.

高松 is the capital of 香川(Kagawa) Prefectue where is called 讃岐(Sanuki), well known as home of Udon. (讃岐 is the old name of 香川.)

We tried Self-service Udon restaurant.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZLvzASkkrg 美味しそ...Read more

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Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year, wishing you the very best for the year 2011! 新年快樂 明けましておめでとうございます

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Thanks for dropping by! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪thanks! I\'m Japanese, now living near Kyoto in Japan. I wanna move to HK with tons of my Japanese comics and books... =)

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