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Just joined Twitter

Giving this Twitter thing a shot...


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Audrey's anniversary

Wow, it's hard to believe, but it's Audrey Magazine's 6th anniversary. I've been writing for them since Issue #2, so I guess that's something like 35 articles.

Anyway, I thought I'd post the message from Anne Kim, our editor-in-chief:

"Hey Audrey fans, Editor-in-Chief Anne here. We're pu...Read more

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My shoulder and I are estranged

I’ve been trying to blog more these days to keep myself used to writing. I’m now actively working a second script, so I need writing to be a daily habit, kind of in the same way that exercises works. You know, like making me feel empty on days I don’t do it.

Today, let’s talk about my shoulder, which got injured on my birthday back in October. My friends thought it would be funny to rip my shirt off, and in my drunkenness, I mistook their attempts to mean something much scarier and I started defending myself. Sometime ...Read more

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monkey dreams are gone

I’m a horrible pet owner, or rather I was when I had pets. Countless fish have died in my care. Parakeets have flown the coop to escape me. I’ve had Dalmatians and beagles hop the fence to find freedom. Given all that, it’s always amusing when people say that I should get a dog. I don’t think they realize I’m as good a pet owner as someone in a coma.

But I admit that if I were to have a pet, I was always interested in a monkey or a chimp. They’re more of a sidekick really. For Halloween, we could dress up as Batman and Robin, o...Read more

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The weirder the better

Lately, I’ve been on this really weird food kick, and by that I literally mean eating weird food. Just two weeks ago, I was eating bugs. Last night I was eating hearts and gizzards at a yakitori place. This week, I’m eager to eat rattlesnake sausages at Wurstküche Restaurant and yak curry at Read more

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Ah sweet BoA

Ah, I just got home from an excellent meal at Torihei, and while I’m in a pensive mood, I think I’ll instead talk about my obsession with Asian popstar, BoA, that borders on a federal offense.

I went to BoA’s album release party last night. I was hoping to snag an interview with her for Audrey Magazine, but it didn’t work out. I imagine it’s because she’s telepathic and somehow knew I was planning on proposing to her and/or tossin...Read more

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interviewing is hard work

Watching Jimmy Fallon’s first show last night, it only confirmed what I already knew: it’s hard to interview people. You get the easy ones like Justin Timberlake, who’ll basically just start entertaining, and you face the tough ones like Robert DeNiro, who rarely says a word.

In my free time, I’m a semi-pro writer, and lately I’ve been conducting celebrity interview pieces for Audrey Magazine. I’m not usually star struck so I’m not really nervous, but it is hard to squeeze the really deep kernels of information or opinion ou...Read more

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Latest Awful Truth now up!


Hope you enjoy it!

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Singapore Day 1 & 2

Singapore: Day 1 & 2  

I landed in Singapore on a Wednesday evening. Imagining a sauna and walking into a sauna are two different things. Personally, I think I prefer my imagined version, which doesn’t cause my clothes to become drenched with 2 pounds of sweat. Sweat makes me a little crazy, maybe crazy enough to commit a crime or two, which in Singapore is an easy thing to do. I referred to the following t-shirt as my moral compass for the duration of my trip:

Read more

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The Hotel Cafe Tour

Last night I went to the House of Blues in Anaheim to check out the all-female Hotel Café Tour with my friends Kim ( [info]brasilpop) and Joanne. A few nights prior I had made it a priority to go to the HoB on Sunset to see Gavin DeGraw, which officially ...Read more

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