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Check out this John Woo short film spin-off I produced and acted in!



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My St.Patricks Day Party @ Standard

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Pictures from my St.Patricks Day Party!

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2 weeks before grand-opening of My newest club!

    add us to be part of the family.  myspace.com/soundscapeinc or check out the latest pics of the parties i did recently.  www.losbpms.com

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Ur invited to my new party and I'm djing!

    Here's the info!  From the PRODUCERS who throw the Standard Hotel Rooftop Parties.  Pictures are up from the St. Paddy's Day party.  log onto www.losbpms.com Soundscape Entertainment:  Grand-Opening of New Venue in the City of Los Angeles! "the only clubbing experience in L.A. with STYLE  -Parris harris & the Fashionistas  -Exquisite Dancers & Performers  -and everyone else who's ready to sweat!  2 ROOMS OF MUSICAL MAYHEM, HUGE OUTDOOR PATIO W/POOL, EXQUISITE DANCERS, MAGICAL COCKTAIL...Read more

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who's going to the events this weekend?

    logo onto www.losbpms.com 

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anyone going?

    i'm doing the party @ Standard Rooftop for St.Paddy's Day.  Please go to www.losbpms.com to RSVP!  I hope I get to meet you in LA, CA!

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anyone going to Standard Rooftop for St.Paddy's day?

    log onto www.losbpms.com

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st. paddy's day party, RSVP now!

    go to www.losbpms.com for event details.  hope to see you in LA!

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DId you RSVP for my pre-valentines partie yet?

    Go to www.losbpms.com to RSVP for tonight's big pre-Valentines bash with djs, kissing booth, jello shots and much more!

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I'm here! Hey if your in LA, go to www.losbpms.com to see where I will be DJing at!


Los Angeles, United States
May 5, 2007