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HOW I GOT ON AMERICAN IDOL [Part 3] • ... so I showed up to the American Idol audition in an oversized sweater, leggings, combat boots, untamed hair, and no makeup. I didn’t even have a song prepared. I was on a songwriting kick all year, and didn’t sing a single cover song EXCEPT... it was @dantebasco’s birthday the week before, and @beausia had asked me to sing an acoustic version of, “Killing Me Softly”. I didn’t know that song. I actually don’t know a lot of songs. I live under a rock when it comes to pop culture. I grew up listening to Chinese KTV songs, French m...Read more

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HOW I GOT ON AMERICAN IDOL [continuing from last post] • I stopped singing covers while I went on a songwriting rampage. I ended up writing over 200 original songs in two months in the process of rediscovering my voice. It was 2015, and by then, I had almost given up on the singing TV shows. I stood in lines with 10,000+ hopefuls for days at a time, flew across the country for a few of those auditions, and auditioned for them every year for ten years straight only to hear them tell me, “no” every time. At most of those auditions, they asked me to sing four songs befor...Read more

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How I Got on American Idol • An ex used to tell me that I wasn’t a “real” musician because I didn’t write my own music. I agreed because I didn’t even believe I was good enough to have a supportive boyfriend - how could I possibly be confident enough to believe in my own music? Low self-confidence can be detrimental to anyone, especially if they’ve had a case of this since they were young. I still deal with the affects of having low self-confidence, but I’ve learned how to be less mean to myself. It took almost thirty years to get to a healthy state of mind. • When ...Read more

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I started doing yoga when I was 15, and nothing was more difficult than doing poses on soft beach sand. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

INSTAGRAM | instagram.com/olivia.thai

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This is a true story. [continuing from last eight or nine posts 🤷🏻‍♀️]⠀ .⠀ I would classify my child-self as the perfect target for bullies - an aloof nerd with allergies, eczema, untamed hair, and terrible taste in fashion (oh wait, that still applies. 😂 My sister, cousins, and close friends still dress me... and I’m turning thirty this year). When our home was still a refugee house, it was actually really cool to live with cousins that were the same age since I didn’t have too many friends at school. My same-aged cousins lived with us, so despite my social awkwardne...Read more

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[god is a woman]

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At Costco . Streaming live on Periscope throughout the storm

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[Ariana Grande - Breathin] | Acoustic

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Drake - In My Feelings

👇Click to watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/fdePyaHH14o

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