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LINK Artfair Hong Kong 24,25,26 May 2013

 I found my mac and back from the deserts to launch an upcoming Artfair. Looking for street artists and performers?Are you a creative lightning bolt? There's potential to make your mark in Kennedy Town, my old stomping ground from the 90's and I am very happy to take the role of Art Director for this fair and showcase HK's lean and keen and green talent in an international stage, with potential to make a name for oneselfCheck out the site here   Read more

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Found the spirit....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/user/leoniwhiteful

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Roar Tigers Roar 2009 was a tough year with loss of dear friends, best friends....retrospection delivers further thoughts, optionsMay I wish you all positivity and adventures to nourish the soulsIt's down to the one man, one woman to make the differenceAlways has beenKungHeiFatChoy! AnDNoel

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Howdy Peeps... I'm searching for an experienced iphone apps engineer...Wanna make history?Get in touch pleasePeaceNoel

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Showreel for Noel Wilson & Rampant Films

Video: http://reels.creativecow.net/film/fluid-a-red-demo-hong-kong Here's a link to FLUID - RED demo film written & directed by Noel Wilson

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Guangzhou Filming. Looking for stories & characters

Hi AnD Anyone have a scoop on Guangzhou?  That is, any interesting scenes there I could photograph over the next three nights?The weirder the better. Drop me a line if you know of anything.PeaceNoel 

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Shine on 2009

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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 23

AnD As 1

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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 23

Merry Merry & Happy Peaceful 2009 I'm just back from a wee jaunt to Beijing.  See the images. feel the wind chill factor of - 5Moving on up brothers sistersCheersNoel

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Hong Kong
November 20, 2007