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6 months ago

6 months ago was my last entry. So many people here now. It's great! Lots have happened for us too within the last 6 months. Part of my absence has been due to FB...yes, sorry! It's hard to spend time on both places. So far, it's been an interesting year. Kids are older, doing more things now. They talk, we converse...it's amazing...I talk to them on the phone....whoa! They do grow up fast. Biggest change is...I was laid off after 7 years of loyal service, oh well, it's business. It's time for me to move on anyways. I gue...Read more

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Happy Holidays to you!

It's been sooooo long since I last wrote anything. But, I want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday!!!

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9 Year Anniversary

Wow! Time does fly by. Today marks our 9th anniversary. My we were thinner then...


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1st Fishing Trip

Last week, we took Thursday and Friday off to spend with the kids. So, on Friday, we decided to take the kids fishing for the first time. Our son's godfather (an avid fisherman) was more than happy to take us. So, he brought his kids (his son is my godson) to a pier off Ft. Point in Crissey Fields. No license needed when fishing off a pier. It was windy and cloudy, the usual SF summer weather.

Neighboring fishermen went crabbing and brought this up...which was then given to the kids...what was it??? It's Patrick! (no...not An...Read more

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SF Giants Jonathan Sanchez throws a NO_HITTER!!!

Giants pitching is awesome!!!

He throws a no-hitter...1st time in 33 years!!! Wow!

One error away from a perfect game!!!

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World Games Commercial

Watching the ESPN GameCast yesterday (SFGiants won!) and we interrupted with this commercial for the upcoming World Games.



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Yeah Yeah Yeah

Want to write something, talk about writing something...don't write anything...sucks. How's everyone out there? Lots have happened...and in no particular order (esp. at this hour)

Started to workout, first time in many many...MANY years. Started Muay Thai with my good friend, Kru Danton. It only took 1 year, 5 months, and 19 days to fulfill my 2008 resolution...yes, 2008! Felt good, soooooo winded. Never done it before, but I like it.

Acfourten joined in her old wushu class workout...first time in...10 years??? Kids wer...Read more

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Kung Fu Panda Fighting

Was checking out Madagascar Bonus Features and saw the Jukebox...We all loved this one:

Kung fu fighting- featuring Cee-Lo and Jack Black.



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Been a while

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've written anything. Time just passes quickly. Just been busy with work (trying to keep busy) and then time with family at home. I'll write more when I can, but the usual has been going on in the past couple of months. 3 weeks ago, we went to Disneyland...again. It's our 6th time since December 2006...that makes it...6 times in 2 years and 5 months. We're going again in December, much has changed there since the last time we were there. Now, We've all been battling a cold...no Swine ...Read more

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Thank you all!!!!

Thank you all for the well wishes for the wifey, Acfourten. She's doing well as we all are. She's really touched with all your well wishes for her. :) You guys are the best!!!

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