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Getting ready to go on tour

Having spent the summer getting to know parts of Asia again, I am now back home in Toronto, Canada, putting things in order in preparation for going on a long tour to US and Europe again.

In September, with La La La Human Steps, a Montreal based contemporary dance company that has worked with the likes of David Bowie and Frank Zappa in their early days, I will be playing in New York, Philadelphia, Israel and Libson in the company months, plus a host of smaller cities in Europe.

The show we are touring is called &qu...Read more

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Having just returned to Canada from a two month trip to Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau).

This is truely a trip of re-discovery for me. Having "rejected'  my roots for so many years, I am finding that my "roots" are pulling me back. Or at least, getting me to take a closer look at what it is I am missing in North America.

It is all very well to say that we live in a global village and that as artists, you can live anywhere and work anywhere. But living the day to day in one particular cu...Read more

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I am a pianist/composer living in Canada. I used to live in Macau and so do spend a bit of time there as well. I work wherever I could, and with the Montreal ba


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July 31, 2008