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So again contrary to my usual attention to detail, I post this with little else info other then I was conducting a test using boujou 5 for mac in conjuction with cinema 4d r11.5 . I know it is not perfect but still, it was pretty bloody satisfying to do this.




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is it sad that i take extreme pleasure from something no one will notice?

As I start all my posts recently... sorry i haven't posted in a while.

I haven't had anything worth posting. Funny how this is something I want to post but I guess satisfaction comes from things that actually make a difference. In this case I made a mic disappear! Was it magic? Not really. Maybe movie magic?

Through a quick series of maneuvers and a series of rotoscoped masks, voila!

FYI, this is from a feature I have been doing color grading for bu...Read more

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A little while back, I came across an opportunity to work in 3d on a spot for something called thrill. I guess it is supposed to be a thriller/horror channel airing out in asia. The basically wanted to come up with different ways to kill their logo.

In this post, I am going to touch quickly on 3 pieces of software.
Blender, RealFlow and Cinema 4D.

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Back in effect...

It has been many many months since my last post. I am not sure if that is because I haven't been doing anything interesting or if it is because I have just been too busy. It is probably a little of both, but regardless, I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long. I think the problem I am facing these days is that for a while, I was not able to incorporate anything new into what I was doing. I have been experimenting but it is hard to say whether tests are really something blog worthy. I have been working on a few things recently...Read more

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A Little Less Conversation

Been meaning to get a post up in the past few days but I have been completely drained. I am currently working with Digger T Mesch on a new short film. The name of the film is "A Little Less Conversation". I don't have all the details but in short, it was written by DIgger and is directed by Digger and Paul Mogg. It is for the most part being shot on 2 Canon 5D Mark II's. Yours truly is Director of Post Production and is featuring a cast of many, some interesting punch lines, guns and kung fu. What you would come t...Read more

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ALLC - our first broken table

Movie 2.mov

Watch on Posterous



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I can't stop staring out this window...

Trying really hard to work here but this view is killing me! This is why they don't put windows in edit suites, editors wouldnt get any work done. I can't stop staring out this damn window!



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"FIN." - Rotoscoping, it's all in the wrists..

The end shot of this piece has requires that our main character stops walking and at that moment, he see's himself walk into frame. The main character faces himself and then an action ensues. This would be a very easy thing to accomplish if the final shot was locked off on a tripod but because this piece is shot on a steadicam, the final shot actually is a slow drifting shot, that being because it is virtually impossible for the steadicam to stay completely motionless. so what this means is I h...Read more

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"FIN." - In Production

I know it has been quite some time since my last post. To be honest things have been very very VERY slow this past year. At times I found myself wondering if I would have to demote myself back to "starving artist" status and I have so been there and done that and to be honest..... IT SUCKS!!!!

But then as if someone flipped a switch, this past month and a half has turned out to be quite interesting. The work started trickling in, first with this projecta and then in the past few days, my phone has rung more ...Read more

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It Was A Lyrical Myrical Of Spherial Proportions

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