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All the bands add oil @ Let's fight!!

  OH NO BAD NEWS! I've to work..............sighs.... I've to work on this FRIDAY!!!!!! And will be finished at around 9pm, that means I can't see the whole LET'S FIGHT, maybe can't see my Hardpack.... oh no..... but all the bands pls add oil!!! I'll come immediately after work!!


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I'm trying to write a blog rite now, becoz I miss all u guys, but I'm really tired.... haha, coz I watched the football match tonite, n jus came home.....

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Waiting for May

Since Madonna's confession tour DVD+CD came out, I just can't stop playing her cd in my car. I keep watching the dvd @ home, and nothing can stop my passion for this concert.

But something's gonna make me just as excited again, and it's gonna be happening in May!!! Rock+my favourite bands+new songs+concert!!!!!

After 14 months in the studio, Linkin Park has set a May 15 release date for their new album. yeah ~~ I can temporarily stop playing 'Numb' now. 'What I've done' will be the first son...Read more

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Six Weird Things About Myself

Six Weird Things About Myself:

  1. I must take a shower after a shit.

  2. I love going to concerts. I like to stand in the first row. I quit a job last year and went to watch Madonna and Misia's concert.

  3. I don't eat pork, beef, lamb, goose, organs......

  4. Wake up in the afternoon.

  5. I love curry as I can drink it as soup.

  6. I'm better and  nicer than u expected, heeee.......

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do it urself~~

U can change da world, juz u hv to change ur mind first~~

Don't think u hv not enough time to do something, think u r lucky u still hv time to do something.

Sounds like easy but not much ppl can do this~~

Life is short, pls enjoy!!

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