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After Lasik | 眼睛激光手術之後

I juz took  Lasik for my eyes two weeks ago, I couldn't open my eyes on the day after I did the operation, so. . . thanks Phat for taking good care of me so much!!  

My eyes were so easy to get tired when I looking at the screen, that's why I didn't update my blog.

Now, I don't need to wear contact lens or glasses, I won't let the contact lens to stick on my eyes again~~ Yeah!! I feel sooooooo GOOD !!

Hee hee. . . . . . I wanna share a good song t...Read more

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MISS YELLOW IS GRADUATED!!!!! | 黃小姐畢業了!!!!!

Ohhhh..... thank God!! My first DJ party was done. For me, I can say it was successful~~

All my friends came to support me, I really felt LOVEfrom all of you!! I wanna say THANK YOU to my master DJ RYAN ,all my friends and all the people who came~~ I couldn't make it without YOU!!

But actually I was very nervous in the party, not only the moment when I was spinning, I felt nervous even when I finished my set, I just can feel my heartbeat.

...Read more
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My First DJ Party | 我的首次DJ派對

I learn DJ-ing from DJ Ryan Li last year, I play Hip Hop R&B mostly. After one year, I can host my own party, ohhh..... so exciting~~ can't imagine that!!

Thanks everybody who really likes me and support me~~ I'll do my best!! 

Date: 26th Oct 2007

Time: 1030pm til late

Venue: CLUB MAGAZINERead more

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Keiichi Tanaami - 田名網敬一

Born in Tokyo, 1936. Musashino Art University graduate.

TANAAMI is involved in avant-garde and highly playful creative activities in various forms including graphic design, animation, painting, furniture, art books and toys. Along with his graphic design work, he also experiments with visual images, and his works have been screened at international film festivals in Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Edinburgh, and many other places around the world.

|  Keiichi Tanaami —田名網敬一

1936...Read more

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Survivor | 生還者

Just came back from China for the filming of 珠光寶氣.I read my friend's blog (she's also in this tv series), she said: It was like an episode of "survivor".......haha..... that's true, we slept for only one hour for the first day, then filmed from 8:00am to 4:00am (yes!! am to am!!) everyday after that for 3 days, my eyes were so ...Read more

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Love Tattoo??? Meet Kat Von D on LA INK | 喜歡紋身???到LA INK找Kat Von D

If you love tattoo, you must love to watch Miami Ink . After you watching Miami Ink, you must love Kat Von D!!! (at least I am)

Kat Von D, 25, was one of the featured artists on the first two seasons of Miami Ink. She specializes in fine-line, black & gray style life-like portraits.

Many celebrities, athletes and entertainers seek out her services such as Jackass' Bam Margera, Steve-O and Ryan Dunn, Slayer, My Chemical Romance, Guns N Roses, Green Day, The Ma...Read more

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After watching Gwen's amazing concert, I went to Korea for work with Percy. There was a show in a casino and I had to sing and dance for 2 songs, same as Percy.

After the show, we want to NB Club. Wow, I like that place!! Because they played HIP HOP SONGfor all night long~~ They also had a flair show, that was amazing!! I never seen this kind of show in Hong Kong!! It made me so exciting!! Although taking pictures is not allowed in this club,  I still took some videos with my camera, heehee. . . Read more

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Gwen Stefani The Sweet Escape Tour | 格溫•斯蒂芬妮"The Sweet Escape"世界巡回演唱會

I just bought Gwen Stefani's tickets yesterday. Unfortunately, I only got the $680 area, the $880 were sold out!!!! Ai......., I was depressed about this , I should have bought it earlier....... So, if you want to g...Read more

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BON VOYAGE~~ Paris + Milan | 悠遊旅行~~巴黎+米蘭

After the Tsing Tao trip, I went to Paris and Milan last week, but this time, I was traveling there, umm.... so relax!!

p.s. that red cube was my desert, inside was ice-cream, yummy~~

| 青島遊之後,上周我去了巴黎和米蘭。但這次是旅行,恩…有夠放松!!

| 青岛游之后,上周我去了巴黎和米兰。但这次是旅行,恩…有够放松!!

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Hi, I'm back!! | Hi,我回來了!!

Hi, I just came back from Tsing Tao@China, miss all of u so much! I went there for shooting, the crazy working schedule and the powerful air-con in the shooting area made me extremely  tired then became sick. Sorry I really couldn't get a mood to take pictures in this trip.

Everybody thinking of Tsing Tao is beautiful but I don't think so. The beer and weather are good but the pollution is serious there, I saw people just throw their butt into the sea, it was disgus...Read more

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April 19, 2007