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Learning & understanding the Big O again. Some how it is better the 2nd time round. The order of magnitude and time are key #BigOnotation :)

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How do you teach kids to be a positive rebel? There are many things wrong about falling in line without question.

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Exercising is hard but very beneficial, see how Data #Analytics helps @Beachbody find new ways to keep you going… https://t.co/3kWf4DBvnC

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McKinsey #Analytics Study Defines The Future Of #machinelearning #ML #deeplearning #bigdata #data… https://t.co/4V3dd2t0RH

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Is your business ready? #BigData & #Cloud are driving dramatic transformations in 2017 https://t.co/QA8YhYA9bH… https://t.co/Ck1aOqJ7kb

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Get ready for another year of great #tech developments. Here is what's in store for #IaaS, IoT, #BigData, and cloud… https://t.co/3i0dlZlc7E

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.@CxDaryn: #CustServ is the critical foundation of your #CX, don't rely on chatbots alone to solve the real problem… https://t.co/LwO0RTTm4u

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CX predictions: 3 critical elements that will feature in your data-driven journey into 2017 @BrianSDonn #ModernCX… https://t.co/jsjQEh0luy

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Cloud computing continues to drive incredible transformation. Insights on the journey to the #cloud and more:… https://t.co/SgshcZBG8x

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How do you protect your #infrastructure stack? Here are 8 useful strategies if you're serious about #data security… https://t.co/O7h4miNDOl

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December 9, 2014

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