Michael Foong
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Yeah they should have spoken up but when the people in the country say Laurel you only heard Yanni. If refuse accep… https://t.co/zmFa8CU0Js

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Now someone knows what it feels like when somebody else have their hand in your cookie jar. Now imagine a 700 million cookies #allegedly #fb

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Would’ve been epic if the Malaysian election was on 4th May. :)

A plea to all the airlines flying the SIN-KUL sector. Please don’t raise prices for the election. Thanks :) @AirAsia @mas

Learning interesting economic facts about Singapore. Singapore's exports of goods and services is estimated at $353… https://t.co/IoLHdhE2tn

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Social "Who wants to be a millionaire" HQ app is really interesting, in this case US$1500 to answer 12 questions. 1… https://t.co/4G2nNgTusU

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If anyone is thinking of using transferwise which I think is a great service and disrupter in the money transfer bu… https://t.co/S9O4I0tCwq

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Only for those who've never heard of Firefox quantum :)

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Happy face...

Technically, it has made quite an impression on the way it work and is changing my browsing behavio… https://t.co/CAD28QDUsa

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RT @moment: Win an #iPhoneX and the greatest mobile video package ever!

$7,000 in prizes from @RhinoCameraGear, @freeflysystems, @peakdesi…

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Versatile, Physical, Passionate, Actor, Stunt/Action Choreographer and Action Director


Singapore, Singapore
December 9, 2014

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