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All you need is LOVE


Went to Tian Jin for my 2 good friends' wedding last weekend. The groom Boris is from France and the bride Julia is from Tian Jin China.  In the ceremony, the MC made the couple played a very interesting game before they exchanged the rings. The game is:

1.Take right hand from groom and left hand from bride and put them palm against palm.

2.Bent the middle finger of each hand while other fingers are touching.

3.Then try to seperate each touched fingers. The result is that you can seperate all the fingers except the ring fingers.

The game means, in life, your family, brothers or sisters, your friends, might leave you or being seperated. Only the ring fingers which represent you and the one you love cant and will never be seperated...

What a great game to deliver all the best wishes to the couple!

After the wedding we all went to a club for the after party. Its was great!!! By the end we all surround the bride and the groom and we start singing " ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE " We are not great singer but you do can feel LOVE is in the air .

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ha, very cheesy but cool! but where are the pics!?!? ;-)
over 12 years ago
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aww that was so cute!!
over 12 years ago
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That's sweet. It must have been a very aww...moment.
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that's real sweet agreed!
over 12 years ago
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hehe, nice!
over 12 years ago


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