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Big Hollywood Film Producer/Director for Sony coming to Hong Kong January 12th


On January 12th, at 10:30pm-12:30am, I am going to be at the King Red Vodka Event at Fly in Lan Kwai Fong*We will have a big Hollywood Director and Producer with us in the VIP area.  He has a new film with Sony that is going to shoot in China and Hong Kong this year.  We invite you all to come meet him.  INVITE is open to all potential cast or crew, any who wish to be involved*He is going to be looking for talent and ...Read more

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Things have been Crazy, Really excited about this new film fund

The last few months have been crazy.  Dealing with the bullshit, that I just do not want to go into, from our film gig in Minnesota has kept me somewhat busy.  On a more positive note, I am excited at the development of some new film projects coming together with some friends from Canada. The biggest development is the big film fund they are putting together.  I remember them calling and saying we just got $90 million.  So, now I have spent a month looking for projects for them to fund.  If you ...Read more

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Well, at long last, we are finally done the studio restructuring, welcome to Haunted Dreams

         As some of you might know, I have been working on reworking my company's image and structure. We renamed, reworked the corporate image and style, and had a new website made. To go with all of this, we did some new films this year, and have more on the way. We also are looking to expand our LA workshop maybe next month or soon after. Things have been crazy busy, which is why I have not posted a blog in quite some time. Well, check out the site (sti...Read more

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Just got back from Atlanta

I know I have not posted in months.  After the film in Nanhai, I headed back to LA for a week of rest.  Then I flew to Altanta, Georgia for 10 weeks on Demon's Rook, an awesome new horror film by James Sizemore, aka Loup Rah Garamore.  James and his team flew me in, along with Lisette Santana, an effects tech from LA, and my good friend Corey Ruby, from the Chicago area.  We had 10 weeks to build 4 demons, a ton of kills, body parts, 36 zombies, and much much more.  It was an intense job, with long hours, but every day was so s...Read more

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The torture is almost over, soon to be on the next job

Our long shoot in Nanhai is taking its toll.  I have 7 more shooting days, and then I have to jet to Hong Kong to catch my flight back to LA.  The shoot has been tough, but the cast and crew are fantastic.  A special thanks to my team, Rayni, Tina, Style, and Louise, who have continued to power through.  The next few days will be full of blood gags and make-ups, so I anticipate long hours, and fatigue.

On a lighter note, my big film in Atlanta got it's financing, so my flights are booked and ...Read more

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Do not let children play with knives

Well there are only 10 more days before I hop on a plane back to LA, and then off to Atlanta a week later for my next film.  Today was another fun one.  Showed up to work today at 8am without a bit under 6 hours of sleep.  It was all second unit for the effects team today.  Our task today: turn our wonderful 1st AD, Fred Sun, into a horribly shredded victim of the evil Jiang Shi (Chinese equivalent of a zombie).  Alas, a fair bit of this make-up got covered in tattered wardrobe, but here it is in all of it's glory. Read more

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Moving Right Along...

Well, the days are piling up.  I think we have 17 days left in this odyssey.  The newest task, change that gnarly hand I did into something sleeker and sexy, while still being creepy.  We will later design a face to match.  Our US gaffer will be here soon, and that will help a bit too.  Alas, myself and several crew have caught the Nanhai cold and are coughing and wheezing our ways slowly back to health.  I think we are keeping some Vitamin C company in business in the process.  Well here is the latest incarnation of evil hand.

...Read more

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And the adventure continues

It has been an ongoing adventure on this latest film.  Little sleep, and constant changes, but we push on.  We did have two days off for Chinese New Year.  I trekked into Guangzhou with Harry Du Young, our intrepid key grip, and Eric Heise, our awesome sound guy, to poke around some historical sites, grab a massage, and have a nice meal to ring in the year of the dragon.  The next day was spent sleeping all day, in a vain attempt to prepare myself for the remaining 2 and a half weeks of shooting.

Yesterday, I had the joy o...Read more

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Back in China for another adventure

I guess I never even posted when I went to the US 2 months ago.  It was just before Thanksgiving.  I love LA, and it was great to be home, well aside from the crazy wind storm 2 weeks after I arrived.  December was definitely dead, aside from some small consulting gigs.

Well, now it is back to glorious ACE Studios for a fan...Read more

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Just another Day at the Office, as they say

So, here at glorious ACE Studios, we are shooting a portion of Bey Logan's Snowblade.  This production has been a true test of my creativity and what we can do with no funds of things like fake bodies, complicated prosthetic appliances, and a high demand for delivery of gruesome shots.  If any of you follow Bey Logan's blog, you know the score.

It has been a while for me since the last time I had to rely on nothing but the creative use of a few pumps, and our wonderful newly made blood cannon.  Sure...Read more

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