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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 1

Hmmm... there needs to be a way in which I can consolidate this blog with my twitter, fb, instagram, tumblr, weibo...etc into one space.  Updating 6 times is ridiculous.  In the meantime, apologies for the lack updates here, it's too hard to keep up! instagram/twitter/tumblr me at melovixenfb me on facebook.com/yangyunhemiss all your smiles!Cheers!-Melbo

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Weight Loss Commercial

Now that I'm home in LA- I finally have time to dig up some old stuff!  I shot this commercial over a  year ago but it didn't get circulated around a lot.  It's such a serious commercial!  Haha-   enjoy.

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Blog: Friday, Apr 6

Finally made my move to the states to finish my long-awaited studies.  Bye bye Taiwan... for now.  Hello old buildings, traffic, and family reunions! Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Dec 4

Happy Holidays!

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Two Grand Openings

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated because I’ve been a little bit swamped with work lately!Last week Zara finally opened in Taipei after waiting YEARS for them to arrive.  The frenzy was ridiculous-  people waited in lines around the corner outside Taipei 101 in the rain just to get a chance to walk through the store.  Luckily for me, I was invited to the opening party—  I still had to wait in line behind some models and other socialites, but at least there was free champagne!  Read more

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Halloween Fest 2011~

Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Oct 25

YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY//  Taipei Good Eats-  The Diner 樂子Read more

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PIZZA! nom nom nom

@ Alleycats -QSquare

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Happy Monday!

剛剛看完電影(全境擴散)⋯⋯好可怕的故事!現在1點多,又是禮拜一,最近寫了很多新歌。想要多寫5首;明天我要加油!小朋友晚安!I just came home from watching a movie (Contagion). The story is quite frightening and real! Anyway, it's a little past 1am, and Monday has rolled around again. I've recently written a lot of new songs, but I want to write 5 more this week. Tomorrow I will get back to it! Time for bed now, good night my little lovers. ♥

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FASHION SMASHION// Yong Le Market 永樂市場

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