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Blog: Monday, Jan 20

First of all: I have been away for a long time, so my sincere apologies for that! But I have some good news for fans of fantasy and sci-fi.They were lonely waiting in the virtual closet, so I thought: 'Why not, I might make some English readers happy' (or not, if they hate the books). So, I finally did it and posted my first baby 'Fantasy Hunters' and another book 'Different: a Manon Maxim novel' on Smashwords. Readers can now download the free e-books in English.

With great thanks to Esther Magis and Birs...Read more

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New website, also a lot in English!



Mel Hartman


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follow me on twitter ;-) : http://twitter.com/melhartman

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Invasion of the nerves

Invasion of the nerves: sounds like a B movie, but it is actually how i feel right now. Friday is the bookrelease of 'Different: a Manon Maxim novel' and after that comes the reviews. So, I am getting pretty nervous! It seems very appealing to emigrate to a deserted island! Does anybody knows an island like that?


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My new book: 'Different: a Manon Maxim novel'

Manon Maxim is an otherkind. Otherkinds live unnoticed among the human beings for thousands of years already and do anything to keep their talents secret. When an otherkind abuses his or her gifts Manon is deployed to do something about it. Therefore her life is an unpredictable chain of investigation, passion and ...Read more

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Bookpresentation 'Different: a Manon Maxim novel'

I just got the confirmation that the bookpresentation of my new novel: 'Different: a Manon Maxim novel' will take place at the library of Ostend, Belgium at 7 pm. After the presentation there is the reception.

Guestspeakers are not known yet, but that will come soon.


Mel Hartman



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Kalon Dracul (vampire)

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Elf Fantasy Fair

On 24 and 25 april, I will be at the Elf Fantasy Fair in Holland with Dream Journey Studios to present the movie “Fantasy Hunters”, based on my book, together with the director Pedro Chaves!!!



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Comic book series 'Fantasy Hunters'

In my album I added a new picture from the upcoming comic book series 'The Fantasy Hunters' that will be published by a Belgian Comic book publisher: Daedalus!



Mel Hartman


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New realeases

After a telephone call from my publisher, here an update about my books. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Part four of the Fantasy Hunters series ‘Dream Image’ will come out in spring 2010. And already thinking about and writing on part five.


And other good news: after reading the manuscript, my publisher also wants to publish my new book series, so far with the working title: ‘The Manon Maxim series’. This book will come out i...Read more

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